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June 26, 2017

Strategic plan is foundation for success

Over the past several weeks in this column, I have discussed the five goals and many of the strategies and critical tasks that make up the 2017–2020 Integrated Strategic Plan for UI Health Care. It is a robust, flexible plan that will reinforce and advance our tripartite mission as our key point of differentiation as we continue serving the people of Iowa and beyond.

The plan sets out five primary goals that will provide the foundation for our continued success: the best people; collaborative learning and care models; nimble structure and accountable culture; diversified financial resources; and strong partnerships.

I greatly appreciate the comments and feedback on the plan I’ve received through and have passed those along to the teams who continue to develop the work plans and tasks that will be implemented over the course of the next three years.

I am very grateful to everyone who continues to be engaged in the planning and implementation and am especially impressed with the commitment to ensure that the plan fully addresses our tripartite mission. In every goal, there are strategies that speak to patient care, education, research, and team members with expertise in each of those areas.

Because the plan is flexible, the teams will stay in place throughout the life of the plan, monitoring the success of the various initiatives in relation to external forces, and they will be ready to rapidly adjust the strategies and tasks as needed. This approach also allows us to more selectively prioritize our initiatives and ensure that they are supported by the budget.

More information, including a video, presentation slides, and the full Integrated Strategic Plan document, are available on The Point.

We have accomplished a great deal since the implementation of our last strategic plan—it has been a wonderful framework for our success. As we move forward with our new goals, it is my hope that we keep our shared vision of “World Class People. World Class Medicine. For Iowa and the World.” at the forefront of all we do.


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