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We want to hear from you! We are always looking for new ways to innovate and enhance our patient safety practices, maximize quality measures, and give our patients the best experience possible. Send us your questions, ideas, or feedback on any of these topics to


Patient safety alert: Verify medications at discharge

Staff caring for patients should be aware that:

  • The discharge summary must be refreshed after medication reconciliation is completed.
  • The AVS should not be printed until medication reconciliation is finalized.
  • An Epic system alert fires when the AVS has been printed, and additional changes to discharge medication orders occur after printing.

Patient safety alert: Near miss in the MRI

Certain types of metal equipment are not safe to bring into the MRI room and can be pulled to the MRI magnet at projectile speeds. Even small objects such as pens and paper clips can become dangerous. Remember the magnet is always on.

Hand hygiene adherence

It’s worth your time: 20 seconds to save lives. 


Hedge your bets with documentation

For inpatient admissions, there may be multiple diagnoses that appear clinically significant on admission, and the provider is in the process of ruling them out/in.

It is okay to state these diagnoses as:

  • Probable
  • Possible
  • Concern for
  • Suspected
  • Likely
  • Still (or yet) to be ruled out

Questions about documentation? The Clinical Documentation Improvement program is now available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday by paging #5496

Got questions? We got answers!

The Joint Office for Compliance (JOC) offers in-person HIPAA and patient privacy policy training presentations. We present on a range of topics and can customize to fit your staff’s needs. Please contact JOC at 384-8282 or to schedule a training session for your staff.


Pediatric resident role assignments in Voalte

To improve provider identification, pediatric residents are now able to log into Voalte and assign themselves a clinical role.

Patient Experience

New C3 units

A new round of Compassionate, Connected Care (C3) training sessions are now wrapping up with staff members from 3BT, 2RC, 4RC, and 8JCP, focusing on using compassion and empathy and building stronger connections with patients and families.

Sign up for Excellence Every Time

There are still some spots left on Oct. 10 and 11 for Excellence Every Time, a training for all UI Health Care employees that focuses on safety, quality, and the patient connection.

Patient comments about staff being attentive

From "The nursing staff was EXCEPTIONAL!!" to, "Some assistants seemed unaware of detail." 


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