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We hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July. Continue to send us ideas to enhance our own safety practices at UI Hospitals and Clinics to


Emergency release of blood products reminders

Please review these reminders regarding the emergency release of blood products: The process requires communication among the provider, the nurse, and the blood bank. 

Hand hygiene adherence

It’s worth your time: 20 seconds to save lives. 


Documentation helpful hints 

With documentation of daily progress notes, remember that every order written usually has a corresponding diagnosis.

Onboarding can be overwhelming

Are you new to UI Hospitals and Clinics? Make sure you complete your HIPAA compliances and review our policies regarding patient privacy. For questions or training requests, call the Joint Office for Compliance at 319-384-8282.

Maximizing patient care time in physical therapy

For many years the inpatient PT group met each morning to discuss how to cover absences. As inpatient hospital census steadily increased and therapist time and resources declined, it was clear that something needed to change.

Patient Experience

Sign up for Excellence Every Time

Learn how safety, quality, and connection come together to help build the real Iowa experience on Oct. 10 or 11 at the Graduate Hotel in Iowa City.

Patient comments about being included in decisions

From "The best thing was the physician’s respect of my dignity" to “Can’t make decisions if no one tells you anything.”



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