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Perception or reality?

Events in the news and shows on TV can affect people¹s perceptions of how a health care system operates and how its staff members behave. We need to rise above these negative (and false) perceptions to create our stories of human dignity, success, and kindness.

‹Theresa Brennan, MD, chief medical officer


Take precautions‹influenza is in our community

Please continue to follow the influenza prevention recommendations to protect you and everyone around you from influenza. Questions? Contact the Program of Hospital Epidemiology at 319-356-1606 or page 3158.

Hand hygiene adherence

Almost to our goal of 90 percent!


The power of interdisciplinary problem solving

Solving communications problems is challenging. Read about how the Burn and Wound Clinic team identified a process communication problem, set out to solve it, and came up with a creative solution. 

Social media madness

Be careful when posting anything about your work day on social media. Any details that could help identify a patient must be avoided. 

Documenting abnormal lab results

Certain types of abnormal lab results may necessitate ongoing monitoring, additional evaluation, or treatment, so proper documentation of these results is essential. 

Patient experience

The next to complete C3 training are . . .

Food and Nutrition, Environmental Services, Social Work, Rehabilitation Therapy, and Respiratory Therapy will be the next teams to participate in Compassionate, Connected Care (C3) training. 

ŒExcellence Every Time¹ launches next week

A brand new program called Excellence Every Time begins next week at the Coralville Marriott for those who registered. Transportation provided to and from WCTC and HSSB.  

Recent patient comments

Read comments about being attentive or paying attention, from "I felt like I had their devoted attention" to "I felt completely unsafe/anxious the entire time."

Events and announcements

In case you missed it

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