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We're excited about Patient Safety Week next week, which focuses on one thing: keeping our patients safe. Patient safety is everyoneıs responsibility, and next week there will be activities to highlight its importance. Some small things you can do to improve safety are: Speak up by asking questions, encourage patients to take an active role in their care, and practice good hand hygiene. We need your help to foster a culture of safety and zero patient harm.

‹Theresa Brennan, MD, chief medical officer


Patient Safety Week: 'Seek and Find' to win a Kindle

Can you find them all?? Come find out!

Try to find the safety issues in our mock patient room for chance to win a Kindle Fire from Monday, April 9, to Friday, April 13, NCEC (Elevator BW, Level 4). Visit our table throughout the week in the Colloton Pavilion Lobby (Elevator F, Level 1) for info and prizes.

New SmartText template for blood transfusion reaction

With a suspected transfusion reaction, the provider needs to evaluate the patient, document an event note in Epic, and tell the plan to the transfusionist. There is now a SmartText template providers can use. See this Epic A­Z tip sheet, or email with questions.

Hand hygiene adherence

We're improving, keep up the momentum! 


Donıt be an April fool; encrypt your devices

Be careful where you store patient information:

If you are storing patient information on any electronic device, make sure it is encrypted to secure patient data. Unencrypted devices are easily hacked and are a security risk. If the device is hacked, lost, or stolen, that is a HIPAA breach of all the patient information on that device.  

Documenting heart failure

Proper documentation of the precise type of heart failure is important for accurate billing and coding, as well as adequately describing the severity of the illness that our patients are experiencing. 

Patient experience

Excellence Every Time new program launched

An all-around success‹look out for our next session dates in the fall!

Excellence Every Time, a new program for UI Health Care employees, was presented for the first time on March 7 and 8 to 1,160 staff members. It emphasized how safety, quality, and the patient connection all come together for the ideal patient experience.

Recent patient comments about compassion and empathy

From "Itıs nice to be treated with empathy verses judgment" to "The first one seemed annoyed . . ." 


In case you missed it 

We want to hear from you! We are always looking for new ways to innovate and enhance our patient safety practices, maximize quality measures, and give our patients the best experience possible. Send us your questions, ideas, or feedback on any of these topics to