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Patient safety alert

Staff must be aware that tracheostomy tubes can be displaced while turning a patient, and knowing whom to call to reestablish the airway is critical. 

PREP checklist saves time and improves patient safety

The Patient Readiness Exit Plan (PREP) checklist is now in Epic. This interactive tool is a one-stop checklist with many necessary discharge tasks in one convenient location. 

Room with a view: Video Monitoring Units debuts

Watch a new informational video explaining how the Video Monitoring Unit works. Certain patients who need round-the-clock monitoring are now being monitored using a video feed, which includes two-way communication and privacy features. 

Hand hygiene adherence

We have to work to get back up to 92 percent—where we were this summer! 


Getting to know PHI

Protected health information (PHI) is more than just the patient’s name. It includes any demographic information and any clinical information that can be combined to identify a patient. 

Documenting acute encephalopathy

Learn how to properly document acute encephalopathy, or abnormal brain function. When possible, identify the level of acuity, the cause of the altered mental status, and any history of encephalopathy.

Safety and Quality Educators’ Group seeking members


Patient experience

COPE Team provides staff mental, emotional support

The COPE Team provides emotional support to staff members that have had a work-related experience that might challenge their capacity to cope.

New or updated patient education content

See a list of new patient handouts, found on the Patient Education SharePoint site. A video for patients about Supportive and Palliative Care is also now on inpatient TVs.

Recent patient comments using the word 'respectful'

From "Everyone was very respectful of my pronouns" to "lab staff laughed at my name."


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