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'Our Stories' CMO blog

Know me, heal me, keep me safe.

Our patients want this, expect this, and value us when we know them, heal them, and keep them safe. Read about a few ways we are enhancing our care, including an upcoming event on the integration of patient experience and patient safety. And don't forget to take the safety culture survey‹we are listening!



Back to school: Learn your HIPAA ABCs

Letıs sharpen our pencils and review the ABCs of HIPAA: Authorization, Benefit, Compliance. 

Helpful tips on CDI queries

A CDI query is a communication tool to ensure proper documentation. Learn more about CDI queries and how to respond to them.


Hand hygiene 

Itıs worth your time: 20 seconds to save lives. 

Take the patient transport survey

If you are involved in intra-hospital patient transport, we want to hear from you. We aim to ensure all transports are safe, efficient, and timely.

Suspected transfusion reaction updates

Practice updates for suspected transfusion reaction (provider and nursing) have been approved. Information can be found on the Blood Management intranet site. 

Patient experience

Pilot communication workshops focus on communication skills, building rapport with patients

Recent workshops focused on clinician-patient interactions, and feedback from participants has been positive: 75 percent of participants recommend the workshop. 

Library open house for Health Literacy Month

There will be an open house from 10 a.m. to noon Tuesday, Oct. 24, in the Janice and Bruce Ellig Childrenıs Library (Level 1) in UI Stead Family Childrenıs Hospital. Learn what the Patient Education Program can do for you, and find some tips at the link above.

Recent patient comments about health literacy

From ³He explains all treatments and meds to me in a way I can understand² to ³Need to talk to the patient in everyday English not medical terms.²


In case you missed it

We want to hear from you! We are always looking for new ways to innovate and enhance our patient safety, quality, and give our patients the best experience possible. Send us your questions, ideas, or feedback on any of these topics to