Subject:                          Quest-Nov-2016


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Monthly patient safety, quality, and patient experience updates from the Chief Medical Officer


Surge Capacity: High census affects us all, summit on Nov. 7

Surge Capacity is a new process to focus on timely movement of patients through their hospital stay, assuring patient safety in the midst of sustained high census. Learn more and attend the informational summit on Nov. 7.


Let’s get specific in ICD-10

The mechanics of ICD-10-CM (diagnosis coding) are actually very similar to ICD-9. The biggest learning curve for most providers is with procedure documentation, where there is a need for more specifics. Read more about specificity in ICD-10.



Back-to-school privacy reminder for staff

Q: You receive a call from a pediatric patient’s school. Are you allowed to share health information with them? A: Yes and no.


Patient experience

Read this month's newsletter, featuring:

·         TIGR Patient Education system software has been upgraded, attend demonstrations

·         Compassion fatigue, ways to cope

·         Patient comments about “ask me”: positive comments (“very helpful in answering my questions”) and missed the mark (“I was pushed aside multiple times when asking questions.”)

Patient safety

Hand hygiene adherence

·         Oct. 2 to 8

·         Oct. 9 to 15

·         Oct. 16 to 22

·         Oct. 23 to 29


News and awards

·         Today: Internal open house for University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital

·         Open position: Associate Chief Quality Officer for Adult Inpatient Services

·         Linson, Kuperman, Glenn snag top prize for innovation poster

·         Michael Neville, Service Star, bonds with teenage patient over machinery

·         PHIL Award honors outstanding respiratory therapists

·         Jan Buchmayer, RN, Oct. 2016 DAISY winner

·         Good Catch Awards for October: Neyen, Spellmeyer, Bream-Rouwenhorst, Andresen, Minner, Box

·         Making a Difference Award winners, Sept. 2016

·         2016 UI Physicians Clinical Award winners

·         University honors Bernat, Bentler, McCray, Weiner, Thomas for excellence