Subject:                          Quest July 2017


UI Health Care’s continuous quest for the best patient safety, quality, and experience.


We want to hear from you! We are always looking for new ways to innovate and enhance our patient safety practices, maximize quality measures, and give our patients the best experience possible. Send us your questions, ideas, or feedback on any of these topics to We will choose one each month to discuss in this newsletter.



New hazardous drugs: not just chemo anymore

A large variety of drugs are now classified as hazardous. To keep you, your colleagues, and our environment safe, see the revised standards for Hazardous Drug Administration and Handling. Everyone who handles hazardous drugs, associated waste, or spill cleanup needs to know these updated categories, revised PPE, administration, and disposal requirements.

Documentation of code blue

The American Heart Association is working on moving hospitals toward a performance improvement approach for in-hospital cardiac arrest. There are five key metrics, based on data, for adults.

1.                   Increase survival to discharge

2.                  Decrease time to defibrillation

3.                  Decrease unmonitored/unwitnessed arrests         

4.                  Decrease time to chest compressions

5.                  Confirmation of endotracheal tube placement


Lean Improvement for Health Care

Read about a “power(ful)” tool for Jedi and Lean practitioners: Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) model for learning and improvement. This is a second in a series of articles about how attendees of the two-day Lean Improvement Model for Health Care training have applied what they learned to make improvements to their work environment.


New committee: Sustainability

A new committee is being formed to assist in engaging and educating UI Health Care staff and leadership on sustaining initiatives throughout the organization.



Influenza vaccination of health care personnel

For influenza season 2016–2017, UI Hospitals and Clinics reported an overall vaccination compliance rate of 85 percent (employees/LIPs = 86 percent; students/volunteers = 82 percent).


Hand hygiene adherence

Patient experience

Tips from the patient education specialists

·         Communication tips for patients: Ask Me 3. As a patient, ask:

o   “What is my main problem?”

o   “What do I need to do?”

o   “Why is it important for me to do this?”

·         Communication tips for health care providers: Teach-back method

o   “I know your family is going to ask how this visit went; what are you going to tell them?”

o   “There has been a lot of information today; can you please tell me what you should do so I know if I was clear enough for you?”

·         The newest patient education handouts

Keys to success: Building caregiver resilience

Tips on accepting and adapting


Recent patient comments about patient education


·         Medical Technology Symposium with UI Ventures, July 18

·         Simulation Center Open Forums, Aug. 10

In case you missed it

·         True named interim associate vice president and chief financial officer for UI Health Care

·         Hightower named one of the most powerful women in Health Care IT

·         Imborek named the Iowa Face of Pride by USA Today

·         Schmidt named American Physiological Society educator of the year

·         Benson named clinical chief of cardiology

·         Uc named division director of pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology, pancreatology, and nutrition

·         A huge thank you to our volunteers who were recognized for thousands of service hours