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In our continuous quest for top notch patient safety, quality, and experience


Monthly patient safety, quality, and patient experience updates from the Chief Medical Officer



Pain Management Task Force

With patient satisfaction scores in need of improvement in the HCAHPS Pain Management domain, the Pain Management Task Force is reviving our focus. Read about how we are improving pain management and the tools you can use to improve patients’ expectations of pain.


Clinical documentation and coding queries

To improve communication among providers, Clinical Documentation Improvement nurses are documenting queries in a new way. Providers will notice a change in where they find their active query requests in Epic.


Medical Observation Summit

Did you miss the Medical Observation summit on June 29? Watch the full video and see the presentation slides.

Patient experience

Read this month’s newsletter, featuring:

·         “Together . . . We are the patient experience”: Enhancements to the patient experience include better patient satisfaction data reporting tools, Compassionate Connected Care (C3) training, standardized rounding, and more.

·         Keys to Success: The art of empathetic listening

·         New patient education handouts

·         Patient comments about respect and individual treatment, both positive and “missed the mark”


Preventing patient privacy breaches

Dispose of all protected health information in the grey, locked containers labeled Iron Mountain for secure shredding. Read more tips on protecting the privacy of our patients.

Patient safety

High risk associated with heparin order sets in Epic

A heparin infusion order was inadvertently discontinued in Epic, with subsequent subtherapeutic anticoagulation resulting in the need for multiple surgical procedures. Read more on preventing this type of error.


Releasing results to MyChart

When a clinician selects “Reviewed/To MyChart,” those results are immediately visible to patients who are enrolled in MyChart. Results that are not “Reviewed/To MyChart” are visible to patients either overnight (most labs) or in four business days (most imaging and pathology). Read more on releasing results to MyChart.


Hand hygiene adherence

·         June 26 to July 2

·         June 19 to 25

·         June 12 to 18

·         June 5 to 11

·         May 29 to June 4

·         May 22 to 28


News and awards

·         Emergency department receives Lantern Award

·         Maassen named director of risk management

·         Helping Hands winner Christina Kelly

·         Sarina Martini, Service Star and all May nominees

·         Heidi Haustein, DAISY Award winner

·         Dawson and Wynn named interim leaders for nursing


·         Nursing at Iowa

·         Making the Rounds, Internal Medicine

·         Our Stories, Chief Medical Officer