Subject:                          Quest May 2016


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Patient safety

Safety warning: drainage tubes and suction machines in the O.R.

We’ve received staff questions about attaching a chest-tube drainage system to a Dornoch suction machine to evacuate the tubes prior to attaching the usual drainage system. Recent safety statements from the FDA and vacuum manufactures detailed the potential for causing hemorrhage and soft tissue, muscle, and vital organ damage—which can lead to serious injury or death. There have been at least 2 patient deaths attributed to such a mishap. With this in mind, we should NOT attach high-flow/high-suction machines in the operating room to a patient drain. These devices are solely for evacuating fluid, gas, and smoke from the surgical field.


Hand hygiene adherence

·         April 3 to 9

·         April 10 to 16

·         April 17 to 23

·         April 24 to 30


Office of The Patient Experience

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·         List of new patient education materials on the Patient Education SharePoint site

·         Next Service Excellence training will be Sept. 14 and 15

·         Recent comments from patients about listening and explaining, both positive and “missed the mark”



Patient privacy refresher: the concerned coworker

So my coworker, who is also a close friend, just got admitted to the hospital. Can I look at his or her medical record out of concern? Short answer: No.



Documenting respiratory failure

The UI Hospitals and Clinics respiratory failure documentation guideline is available to assist caregivers with their documentation so that the medical record displays an accurate clinical picture of the patient’s hospital stay.




News and events

·         UI Health Care exceeded the $703,500,000 fundraising goal as part of the University of Iowa’s “For Iowa. Forever More.” philanthropic campaign.

·         Connecting with CultureVision: Diagnosis, organ donation, and LGBTQ terms

·         The “Let’s Talk Patient Safety” forums are held the first Tuesday of each month. Watch your email or check The Loop each month for the next forum.