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In our continuous Quest for outstanding patient safety, quality, and service excellence


Monthly patient safety, quality, and patient experience updates from the Chief Medical Officer



Household member’s medical records

The Office for Compliance will soon start receiving alerts when staff members view or modify their household member’s medical record in Epic without being directly involved in their care or without the appropriate release of information. A parent or guardian may access his or her child’s medical record via Epic until the child is age 12. Read more.


Office of The Patient Experience

Read this month’s newsletter, featuring:

·         Service Excellence Eight Key Behaviors, each with comments from patients, both positive and “missed the mark”

·         Video of the March Service Excellence event is now available

·         Service Star Award winner Deb Pearson

·         All of the February Service Star nomination stories



Documenting heart failure

Proper documentation of the precise type of heart failure is important for accurate billing and coding as well as allowing us to adequately describe the severity of the illness that our patients are experiencing.

13-Bed Short Stay Observation Unit

Later this month, UI Hospitals and Clinics will be begin a series of facility moves in order to develop and open a new 13-bed Short Stay Observation Unit, expanding the number of available adult patient beds.


Hush! Quiet Initiative Workgroup

Over the last several months, the Quiet Initiative Workgroup has developed a series of action items to reduce noise and positively impact the patient experience at UI Hospitals and Clinics.


Patient safety

Hand hygiene adherence


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