Using Voalte
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What is Voalte?

Nathan Shaw, MD, says the Voalte app offers so many advantages for provider communications.

Voalte, an all-in-one HIPAA compliant platform, is our preferred method of communication for clinical, ancillary, and support staff, especially in the midst of cybersecurity concerns. It provides secure voice calling, HIPAA compliant text messaging, and the ability to receive alarms and alerts. There are three ways to access the Voalte system:

Voalte One is a shared iPhone device.  Each user has a Voalte profile assigned and they can log in to any of the iPhone devices with their profile. The iPhones do not have cellular service – they work only on the UIHC wireless network. Voalte One devices can send texts, place or receive voice calls, and receive alarms and alerts.

Voalte Messenger provides access to the Voalte system from a desktop.  You can send text messages to other Voalte system users. You cannot make Voalte phone calls or receive alerts/alarms from the desktop application.  All users that have access to Voalte One or Voalte Me are able to log in to Voalte Messenger.

Voalte Me provides the Voalte app on your personal device.  Currently it is only available on iPhone and Android. Your cell phone # can be added to your Voalte profile to allow you to place and receive voice calls, in addition to texts and alarms/alerts.

Voalte | General FAQs

Why was Voalte implemented at UI Health Care?

Voalte was implemented to improve team communication and facilitate outstanding patient care using current technologies.

Voalte is also UI Health Care’s preferred method of communication for clinical, ancillary, and support staff during a surge incidence, especially in the midst of cybersecurity concerns.

Where can I use Voalte?
  • Voalte One works only on the UI Health Care wireless network.  There is no cell service on these phones—they only work on the UI Health Care wifi.
  • Voalte Messenger is available via an icon on all clinical desktops at UI Health Care.  It is also accessible on all machines as an ‘Enterprise App’ by clicking on the Start button of the machine.
  • Voalte Me will work on and off the UI Health Care campus, wherever you have service on your personal device.
My information in the directory is incorrect. How do I fix it?
  • In the ESC Service Portal
    • Accounts & Access
      • Application Access
        • Request Change in Existing Access
Who do I contact for technical support?

Contact the HCIS Help Desk at 319-356-0001 or

I'm having wireless issues. What do I do?

If you are having any connectivity issues including your device displaying “Still Connecting” or continuing to display “Temporarily Disconnected,” follow the steps below:

  • In the ESC Service Portal
    • Networking & Connectivity
      • Wireless Connectivity
        • Report a Performance Issue
How do roles and logins function in Voalte?

Voalte Me | FAQs

How do I setup Voalte Me?

Step 1: Download the Voalte Me app

Step 2: Visit Smart Web to set up your device

Note: You must be on the hospital network to access this site. 

Follow these steps to start receiving messages on Voalte:

  1. Select the Personal Profile Tab and enter your network user name and password
  2. Select Device Mgmt Tab
  3. Select “Send to all selected devices”
  4. Click Save
  5. Select the Send To option on the Voalte Type row
  6. Click Save within the Messaging Device

Questions? Contact the HCIS Help Desk.

Here’s how to configure custom settings.

How can I call back someone who paged me?
If I have Voalte Me should I stop using Spok Mobile?

It depends on how you need to communicate with people for your work.  Having Voalte Me allows you to communicate via text or voice with anyone else that is on the Voalte system.  Spok Mobile gives you access to SmartWeb, and allows you to message (and also receive messages) from anyone that is in the SmartWeb directory (regardless of whether they are using Voalte, pagers, email or all of those for message notification).  If there are staff that you need to message that are not currently using Voalte, then SpokMobile gives you a way to do that from your personal device.


Voalte One | FAQs

This battery pack is bulky. Why do I need it?

The battery pack is an essential part of the Voalte phone system and helps to extend the life of the phone for up to 12 hours. Additionally, it protects the phone from physical damage. Lastly and most importantly, it prevents the phone from going to “sleep/standby”. If you use Voalte One without a battery pack, you risk losing a text message if the phone is in standby mode. Voalte will only provide support to issues in which the user was using a battery pack as the system was designed.

Why do I need to wipe down my phone?

Every user is required to wipe down the phone after each shift to reduce the transmission of potentially infectious germs. Do NOT use bleach to wipe the Voalte phone. This can permanently damage the phone.

Here’s how to properly clean your Voalte phone.

My phone was stolen/lost. What do I do?
How do I order more phones?
  • In the ESC Service Portal
    • Hardware & Software Services
      • Computer & Hardware Management
        • Purchase New Hardware
How do I put other apps on my Voalte phone?

Contact the HCIS Help Desk at 319-356-0001 or

Voalte Messenger | FAQs

How do I use Voalte Messenger?