Staff & Patient Safety Stories
Published on 6/17/2020

Send a safety shout-out, read employee and patient stories on safety, view photos of safety in action, and more.

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Safety shout-out

Do you know a colleague who leads the way with safety? Someone who you want to give a little recognition for always wearing a face covering? A social distancing champion?

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Faculty and staff safety stories

  • Are you ready?

    Today kicks off our annual flu vaccination campaign In a year where much feels like it’s out of our control, getting a flu vaccination is one thing that you can do to make a difference in keeping yourself and others safe and healthy (more…)more
  • More than 4,600 employees commit to making a difference

    When we launched our voluntary UI Health Care COVID-19 Safety Pledge back in August, we knew that while face coverings, shields, and social distancing were familiar vocabulary for us while at work, putting them into action in our lives outside work can be more challenging That’s why we created the pledge: To help UI Health…more
  • Five things you need to know about this year’s flu campaign

    Flu season is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get ready for the launch of our annual employee flu campaign In a year like no other, preparing yourself against the flu is more important than ever Are you ready (more…)more
  • “Oops ! We’re standing a bit too close. I’ll take a step back.” ● “Oh, it looks like your nose made its way out of your mask. Your mask should cover it completely.” ● “Hey, are you missing your face shield? We’re supposed to wear it in this area.” ● “Do you need some hand sanitizer? There is some by [location].” ● “I love your mask design! So cool, but medical masks are needed in clinical areas.” ● “I noticed you don’t have a mask. Can I help you find one? They’re really important to help keep us all safe.”

    It’s kind to remind: How to kindly help others follow our safety practices

    How do you nicely tell coworkers or others that they’re standing a bit too close Or wearing their mask below their nose It can feel awkward or uncomfortable You might just not know what to say But it’s kind to remind A gentle (or humorous) reminder of our safety practices is a way to show…more
  • Answering the call: Angie Dains, infection preventionist, keeps workspace and break room areas safe

    During Angie Dains’ regular work life, the importance of preventing infection is essential Now, due to the realities of COVID-19, Dains is one of many health care employees who have found themselves putting in extra hours and taking on additional roles to help maintain safety (more…)more

Safety in action—Photos

Safety in action

Send us your photos!

Email with your own safety photos showing how you’re social distancing, rocking your face shield, or keeping your work space clean.

Remember: Make sure any photos you take do not include any sensitive information or images of patients or visitors.