2022 Ovation Honorees

Congratulations to University of Iowa Health Care employees Bridget Toomey and Victoria Lim, MD for inclusion in this year’s Iowa Women’s Foundation’s signature annual publication; “Ovation: A Tribute to Iowa Women and Girls.” Each year, the publication contains personal tributes to amazing women and girls from around Iowa, sponsored by family members, friends, colleagues, or community members who value the impact of the honoree. More than 700 women have been honored since the publication’s inception in 2014.

Eighty-nine amazing individuals were honored in the 9th edition in June. This year’s honorees include a Detective Lieutenant who leads her team as the head of its Investigations Division; a game-changing educator who became the first woman to serve as the President of Iowa State University; and a brilliant 17-year-old who invented a low-cost method for preventing post-surgical infections in developing countries.

To see the full writeup and other Ovation honorees, visit the Iowa Women’s Foundation website.


Bridget Toomey – Assistant Department Administrator in the Department of OBGYN










Victoria Lim, MD- Professor Emeritus Department of Internal Medicine