UI Staff Council updates: Feb. 2017 meeting

Robert Millsap and Trevor Glanz from Human Resources updated Staff Council on the status of Compensation and Classification.

They noted that salaries are the largest UI expense, comprising 54 percent of the budget, or around $2B. The average salary for P&S employees is $70k, with an additional $21k in benefits.

HR continues to recalibrate UI pay structures based on general market salaries. HR compares over 240 benchmark jobs annually.

Market salaries are based on many metrics, including local, national, Big 10 and peer institution salaries. HR collects data from over 15 sources, some of which are purchased and confidential.

Other statistics that were presented include:

    • From FY13 through FY17, P&S and non-bargaining salaries rose 12.51 percent
    • Over that same time period faculty salaries rose 10.49 percent. The faculty salary average is $108k, which is near the bottom of the UI’s peer group, (UCLA, at $161k is at the top, and the University of Arizona is at the bottom, at $101k.)
    • No P&S salaries were below market range, while 2.5 percent were above the market.
    • The breakdown of FY17 evaluations ratings are:
      • Distinguished: 30 percent
      • Commendable: 50 percent
      • Effective: 20 percent
      • Needs improvement: <1 percent

Bob and Trevor noted that departments are expected to target raises to the areas they feel are important. However, limited funding will continue to require strategic decisions on how resources will be used. Though there are general guidelines for raises, each UI department has unique budget issues. Raises are based on performance, and what the individual unit can afford.