Share your feedback: Electronic health record (EHR) satisfaction survey

UI Health Care has joined the KLAS Arch Collaborative, a group of health care organizations committed to improving the electronic health record (EHR) experience.

Share your feedback

Share feedback on how Epic, our EHR, works for you, your team, and where improvements could be made. Clinical end-users across the organization will have the opportunity to have their voice heard and share feedback through a satisfaction survey.

Ready to share your feedback? Check your email from Tuesday, Jan. 3 for a link to the brief survey.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I access the survey?

If you work in a job role that is eligible to complete the survey, you received a link to the survey in your email on Tuesday, Jan. 3.


What is the KLAS Arch Collaborative?

KLAS is a company that works to improve health care by researching, reflecting, and amplifying clinician voices to help health care information technology teams and their vendors better understand and evolve. Learn more about the KLAS model.

When will the survey be available?

The survey will be sent to users via email on Tuesday, Jan. 3.

Who is eligible to complete the survey?

The survey is intended for any permanent or temporary Epic Clinical Users (such as frontline care providers, nursing, and ancillary team members).

Why are we taking this survey?

Implementing, adopting, and optimizing our electronic health record (EHR) solution is a transformative journey aimed at improving patient safety, providing a higher quality of care, and reducing unnecessary care-delivery costs by enabling you as clinicians to make decisions based on a complete view of every patient’s health.

The UI Health Care HCIS team is invested in this effort, and we are asking for your assistance to guide our future actions.

Please help us to better understand our current state so we can successfully implement and optimize our Epic and related systems to better meet your needs.

Are my responses confidential?

Yes, you may choose to withhold identifying information in the survey. To learn more about how KLAS processes and protects your personal data, view their privacy policy.

Can I take the survey from my phone?

Yes. This survey will be hosted on Qualtrics, which is mobile accessible.

How long does it take to complete the survey?

It should take you between eight and 10 minutes to complete the survey.

What are the key terms used in the survey?

EHR: Electronic health record

Epic: The Epic software used for clinical documentation and electronic patient records

Who should I contact if I have additional questions about the survey?

Please contact Jim Blum, MD, chief medical information officer, or Alison Pauley, director, HCIS Informatics, with any questions.