Modified on 12/2/2022 at 07:48am

Riskonnect—our safety incident reporting system—is an intuitive, user-friendly platform that allows employees to report incidents in three different categories: patient event, visitor event, or employee event.

You can submit an incident report in Riskonnect through:

    • The Point
    • Epic
    • The desktop icon on any clinical workstation (see image to the right)

For more information, visit the Quality Improvement Program (QuIP) page on The Point or contact the QuIP team at 319-467-6543 or qualityandsafety@uiowa.edu.

Riskonnect Resources:

Video tutorials (2–5 minutes)


Change request form

Finding the form

Use the change request form to request changes in Riskonnect.

Once in the form, users can select one of eight types of requests:

Recent updates

Mandatory Field – Diversity,Equity & Inclusion (DEI) for all Patient Incidents

For all events submitted through Riskonnect, it is now mandatory for frontline reporters to answer a question concerning if the event was related to bias or misconduct.

Clinical Service Update – Social Services

The Social Service has been divided into:

  • Social Services – Adult
  • Social Services – Peds

Clinical Service Update – Inpatient Phlebotomy

The inpatient phlebotomy clinical service has now been divided into:

  • Inpatient Phlebotomy – Adult
  • Inpatient Phlebotomy – Peds

Archived updates

Hover Text Updated

Hovering over any of the 12 icons in the “Patient Event Reporting” window will bring up a description of the types of incidents included in the category.

Field Changes

Extravasation added to IV complications

Types of restraint used (multiple selection enabled)

Type of visitor event choices added:

  • Assault/combative toward patient
  • Assault/combative toward staff
  • Assaulted (by patient, visitor, or staff member)

Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Fields

DEI fields added to the patient behavior and visitor icons


Picklist option for visitor

Employee Event Note Instructions Updated

Location and Clinical Service Changes
  • Clinical/Shared Services and Departments
    • NEW: Health Information Management (4/19/22)
    • NEW: Surgery – Trauma
  • Location
    • NEW: Cedar Rapids – Urgent Care (5/10/22)
    • Child Psychiatry Unit moved from 1JPE to 1JPW (4/19/22)
    • NEW: Rehabilitation Therapy Sites (MC)
    • NEW: OPAT Sites (8/1/22)
OPAT Incident Reporting in Riskonnect

Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy (OPAT) safety incident reports are now to be documented in Riskonnect.

How to document these events:

  • Select “Patient Event” on the main screen
  • Click the “Treatments & Therapies” Icon
  • Under “Type of Treatment & Therapy,” choose “OPAT (Outpatient Parenteral Anti-Microbial Therapy)”
  • Choose the type of OPAT complication under “Type of OPAT Issue”

NOTE: For location, under Primary Facility choose “Satellite Sites” and for Primary Location choose “OPAT Sites.”

Riskonnect Portal Page Order Switched

In order to help frontline reporters identify the correct event type for their incident reporting, we have switched portal’s page order. A user will be presented the event specific fields first and asked to give general information on the next page.

Field Character Limit Increase for Reporter Names

The total amount of allowable characters in either the Reporter First Name or the Reporter Last Name fields have been expanded from 20 to 50 characters.

Event Requirement Change – Reporter Lookup to Reporter Email

To enable the submission of events from employees who aren’t found via the reporter lookup field (i.e. traveler nurses), we have moved the required field for the reporter section to be the frontline reporter’s @uiowa email address.