This list is not a comprehensive list of all UI Health Care retirements. People on this list have notified UI Health Care Human Resources of their retirement, and they have given approval to be listed here. In order by retirement date.

Name Job Title Department Years with UI Health Care Retirement Date Something you’ll always remember about working here:
Abernathy, Glenn Physician Family Medicine 13 7/2/2020
Alward, Wallace Professor Ophthalmology 33 6/30/2020 “I feel indescribably lucky to have had my ideal job for the last 33 years. I get to take care of the nicest patients, work with outstanding colleagues on important glaucoma research, and teach brilliant and motivated residents and fellows. I cannot imagine a better career or a better place to work.”
Amos, James J. Clinical professor, psychiatry Psychiatry 24 6/30/2020 “I treasure the memories of teaching the next generation of health care professionals including medical students, residents, and all others who care for our patients. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve.”
Temple, Scott Clinical psychologist/clinical professor Psychiatry and Medicine 20 6/30/2020 “Opportunities to work with some of the best people in my 40-year career as a psychologist. I will cherish the memories of all the colleagues I worked along side of, trained, learned from, did research with, and developed a program or two with.”
Bauer, Brian Engineering coordinator Radiology 33 6/8/2020
Sherman, Jaime Clinical documentation improvement quality oversight specialist Clinical Documentation Improvement 36.5 6/4/2020 “My career at UIHC has been a challenging, rewarding and growing experience. I will always remember taking care of the first HIV patient in 1983 and now retiring with the COVID-19 experience in 2020. Working in SNICU, Burn Unit and Clinical Documentation Improvement has given me a well rounded career. Thank you to all I have worked with throughout the years, it has been quite the adventure.”
Sheetz, Jeanne RN CWS 29 6/2/2020 “I will always remember all of my team members over the years in Peds Endo/Diabetes! I could never have asked for a smarter or nicer group of people to work with!”
Herlein, Sharon Senior certified pharmacy technician Ambulatory Care Pharmacy 41 6/1/2020 “Meeting so many people from all over the world. Everyone has their own unique story as to why and how they arrived at the University of Iowa. Also, witnessing the advancement of technology in the workplace. We have come a long way in 40 years.”
Clancy, Mary Copper Senior compliance specialist Joint Office for Compliance 17.5 off and on 6/1/2020 “What jumps out to me as something that I will always remember is the passion that health care providers, workers and researchers, have for their work, whether it is direct patient care, support services, research or teaching–it has always been inspiring to me. I have worked here in different capacities that include nursing, social work, patient relations and now compliance. The commitment and dedication of UI Health Care workers that I have crossed paths with in my various roles, has made me proud to work for this institution.”
Davis, Lonny Engineering tech Maintenance and Engineering 31 4/10/2020
Christiansen, Judy Nursing assistant CWS Stead 10 17 4/7/2020 “How nice everyone is and all the friends I have made.”
Gould, Renee Nursing practice leader Nursing quality 30+ 4/6/2020 “I have had the honor of working with some wonderful colleagues in both Nursing and other departments. I will miss everyone but I am looking forward to this next chapter in life.”
Artz, Tyler Administrator Radiology 15 4/3/2020 “Great clinical care, great research, great education, and the people with whom I worked the closest are the greatest. I will miss you all. Thanks for the memories!”
Hindman, Brad Professor Anesthesia 32 4/3/2020 “UI Health Care is a place where, if someone can help you, they will. I am grateful for thousands of wonderful colleagues.”
Sexton, Cathy Clerk III UIBHC 43 4/3/2020 “All the amazing providers, co-workers, and patients that I have had the opportunity to work with and get to know!”
Scherrer, Coleen Clerk 3 Guest Services 33 4/1/2020 “I have made so many friendships over the years that I will forever cherish!”
Schlote, Linda Revenue cycle representative Patient Financial Services, Commercial 15 3/6/2020
Carter, Debra Revenue cycle representative Patient Financial Services 24 3/2/2020 “I worked with so many wonderful people every day that have dedicated their lives to caring for our patients. I also made many life long friends during my career at UIHC. I am very proud to have worked for a nationally ranked hospital.”
Epsy, Teresa Secretary-Oculoplastics Ophthalmology 19 2/5/2020 “The friendships that I made with my co-workers – they are like family! I enjoyed helping patients feel like even though this is a big hospital that we cared about them as a person!”
Evans, Richard Clinical supervisor, Outpatient Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Therapies 36 2/3/2020 “Working with our great staff in Rehab Therapies.”
Beckman, Joan Staff nurse/nurse case manager Nursing 9 + 30 1/10/2020 “Colleagues took a shaky new Creighton grad wanting to be a Child Psychiatry Nurse under their guidance & taught me how to apply theory to real practice. I loved & learned every day of working with the children & parents. When my body said it was time, I moved to the Adult Psychiatry Clinic for 5 great years. I even saw some of ‘my kids.’ I met adults handling their mental illness & living life productively with enjoyment. The opportunity to become a Child & Adolescent Nurse Case Manager was a wonderful ‘full circle’ opportunity. My dream fulfilled again as I retire to promote mental health care for children & work with their parents.”
Calkins, Linda Food supervisor Food and Nutrition Services 20 1/3/2020 “I have been honored to work with and meet so many amazing people. They will all be missed. We have all cried and laughed together. I will always think of everyone here as part of my family and will remember all the good times. Also thank-you to my bosses. They have been amazing. In fact they were the best in all of my careers in life, both in nursing and Food and Nutrition.”
George, Cindy Nurse clinician specialist Interventional Radiology 28 1/3/2020 “I have always taken great pride in how well Interventional Radiology serves the patients and other services of UI Hospitals & Clinics. We take great strides in providing care as quickly as needed. Our Peripheral and Neuro teams are amazing.”
Vogel, Eileen Staff nurse Nursing 41 1/3/2020 “caring people”
McBride, Ann Staff nurse Continuum of Care Management 40.5 1/2/2020
Carney, Kathey Clerk IV Engineering Services 30 12/31/2019 “I started work when personal computers were not even a normal item for work or home. The journey into learning has been wonderful. The work environment has been upgraded and made safer with things like badges. I like the way the university moves forward and solves problems of today and maybe even tomorrow. Been great being here. Everyone gets an A plus from me.”
Huberty, Suezun Foodworker 1 Food and Nutrition Services 20 12/17/2019 “The people I worked with and became friends with!! Will miss them all!!”
Reusswig, Sara Sabbath Staff nurse Nursing HCCC 26 12/13/2019 “I have much gratitude for the quality coworkers & professional environment I have enjoyed throughout my career here. I count many friends & coworkers as family.”
Stuart, Unni MPAS, PA-C Ortho 19 12/6/2019 “The people”
Snicker, Jeff Application developer HCIS 21 11/22/2019 “I will always remember how friendly the people were that I worked with over the years.”
Cheyney, Kate Laboratory technician Pathology 15 11/2/2019 “There is something special about being able to work with the bravest patients in the hospital – the NICU babies! Their will to live even in the harshest of times for them is one of the most awe-inspiring and remarkable things to witness. It has truly been an honor to be chosen to work with the staff here, and these special babies. “
O’Connor, Gary W. MLS Pathology 30 11/2/2019
Bolt, Connie MLT Pathology 6.5 11/1/2019



  1. words cannot express the feelings I have had working at uihc on mother baby. I have had so many wonderful patients to care for and my staff just wonderful. they all will stay in my heart always. everyone here from linen to dietary, bio, css, peds cardiology, doctors I have met so many great people and that I will cherish always. my bosses I thank you for this wonderful opportunity to work here. take care everyone and I promise to check in on you.:)

  2. I started my nursing career in 1974 starting with nursing assistance as I was working on my Practical Nursing Degree. After graduating my first job was on the Otolaryngology on 2 Boyd Tower which was the only private rooms at that time. I learned so much and returned in 1998 working as an Occupational Health Nurse in Employee Health and finishing my nursing with Orthopedic Department. I have meet wonderful staff and learned much from my peers and physician. I will truly miss my peers and the patients I have worked with over the 18 1/2 years.

  3. I have enjoyed working with the Ophthalmology department in Oculoplastics for 19 years – my staff physicians, fellows, residents, secretaries, techs, nurses, billers, schedulers, triage support staff, supervisors, front desk support staff, library support staff, administrative staff, and I could go on & on! I especially loved helping the patients feel like this big hospital really cared about them personally! It has been a very fulfilling career for me and I will miss all of you! Thank you for the last 19 years!

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