This list is not a comprehensive list of all UI Health Care retirements. People on this list have notified UI Health Care Human Resources of their retirement, and they have given approval to be listed here. In order by retirement date.


Job Title


Years with UI Health Care

Retirement Date

What is something you will always remember about working at UI Health Care?

Meyer, Bruce W. Supply Chain Coordinator Supply Chain 4/3/2023 “The good and caring people here.”
Reihman, Judee NA NICU Bay 1 23 3/3/2023 “I enjoyed helping all the wonderful patients, families, & staff.”
Wanless, Sarah Staff Nurse Child Health Specialty Clinic – Decorah 15 3/2/2023 “I have had the privilege to work with an amazing group of women in my regional center. It was a second family. There was never a day that I didn’t look forward to going to work.”
Wetjen, Pam Supply Chain Specialist MOR 37 2/2/2023 “I always strived to help however I could.”
Berends, Susan Quality Engineer Quality Improvement Program 34 2/2/2023 “I’ve worked in many roles during my time here (staff nurse, transport nurse, research coordinator, ARNP/NNP and now in patient safety and quality improvement. I have been blessed to work with dedicated, caring people I’m proud to work with and have as my work family. Keep up the great work!”
Beinke, Linda Clerk IV Nursing 41 1/3/2023 “The growth of the hospital and the change from 1981-2023.”
Stover, Peggy Secretary III Orthopedic Surgery 50 1/3/2023 “I will remember the great people I worked with and the friendships I made through the years. I will also remember the patients I got to know and work with.”
Gifford, Linda NUC Children’s L-9 8 12/23/2022 “The children, I have been around some of the kids since birth, lot of repeat kiddos Watched them from birth till now 7 and 8 years old.”
Lynn, Pamela Clinical Documentation Specialist Nursing/Documentation and Coding 15 12/9/2022 “I will always remember the support and teamwork of fellow co-workers.”
Elder, Reva Secretary Pathology 38 12/2/2022
Weber, Peggy Unit Clerk ISS Nursing 38+ 11/3/2022 “There have been so many changes. The thing that comes to mind first is going to an electronic charting system and how much that has evolved. No more trying to decipher physician handwriting and not having to write out the medication and lab orders by hand like we did back when I first started! I have enjoyed working on a variety of units and have met many co-workers who have become friends.”
Weber, Cindy Staff Nurse Neurology 40+ 11/3/2022  “When I first started, we did not have a MRI. There have been so many advances in medicine.”
 Turner, Kimberley Clinical Documentation Specialist Clinical 23 10/5/2022
Goddard, Laura Staff Nurse Nursing 40 10/14/2022 “I am fortunate that I had a passion for my work and I will always remember my coworkers that made coming to work enjoyable.”
Perino Phillips, Mary Jeanne Nurse clinician specialist Nursing 40 9/2/2022 “The wonderful people that I have been privileged to work with over the past 40 years. The special bonds shared through challenging work settings helped to form lifelong friendships.”
Gingerich, Danette Nursing assistant Labor and Delivery 22 8/2/2022 “The people I have come to know. We are like a family on my unit. When there are bad days we all work together to make things better. We help each other when things are busy. I will miss everyone very much.”
Tener, Janis Nurse Manager Nursing 45 10/3/2022 “I will always remember the people: the great co-workers, the abundance of knowledge people have and are willing to share.”
Smith, Robin Staff Nurse LL2 Imaging and Procedure 20 9/13/2022 “I have worked in a few different settings and the Children’s Hospital is by far the best place of employment. I have always been surrounded by such an amazing group of fellow employees who support each other even on difficult days. I will miss them all immensely.”
Kline, Carol Revenue Cycle Representative Patient Financial Services 38 9/2/2022 “I will always remember all of the great people & patients I have had the privilege to work with during my time at UIHC.”
Woods, Paula Staff Nurse ASC 19 9/1/2022 “I started at UIHC in 2003. I had not worked in the hospital setting for 13 years. The orientation process and the incredible nursing support helped me succeed at working on a challenging floor.
I love the professionalism of the nurses and all physicians.
I was able to start in the Ambulatory Surgery Center when it first opened in 2007 and it has been the best 15 years of working at UIHC.
I can’t express my appreciation of UIHC enough.”
Olson, Rick Clinical Professor Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences 20 9/1/2022 “The people who work here and the patients we serve. I have been both a physician and a patient at UI Health Care and I have always been impressed with the little things so many different people do and say that show respect and kindness.”
Bellmore, Vicki Patient Account Reg. Patient Financial Services 29 8/31/2022 “Too many to say, probably all the fabulous people I have worked with.”
Strabala, Doreen Clerk IV Engineering Services 48+ 8/19/2022 “Being able to make a difference in the 2 departments I worked for, EVS-Housekeeping(27 years-Custodian & Supervisor) and ES-Engineering Services(almost 22 years-159 Service Center Dispatcher). I have met so many wonderful people and will cherish my memories of working at UIHC. It’s almost like I’m packing up and moving ‘away from home’!”
Tran, Dawn Medical Assistant Chemo Infusion Clinic 10+ 8/5/2022 “Great workplace, great people in all departments. UIHC is my second home.”
Hoenig, Mike Program Coordinator Center for Disabilities and Development 28 8/5/2022 “My colleagues’ willingness to understand that my blindness does not prevent me from being a competent colleague.”
Ireland, Lisa  Cardiovascular Nuclear Medicine Supervisor Radiology 40 8/3/2022 “I have met many nice people, coworkers and patients, during my time working at UIHC. Thank you to them all.”
Francois, Patrick Environmental Systems Mech. Lead Engineering Services 35 8/3/2022
Kahler, LaVonne Secretary III Pediatrics 43 7/15/2022 “Working in Pediatrics for the last 43 years has been great. I worked in General Pediatrics for 21 years and the Center for Disabilities and Development for 22 years. I have met so many great people and made life-long friends. One thing I will always remember is the variety of things I did in my job. No 2 days were ever the same and never a dull moment. I will miss everyone. There are so many hard-working and talented people here. Keep up the good work!”
Steele, Julie Research Support Coordinator Medicine Administration 39 7/8/2022 “Working at the UI Health Care/College of Medicine has given me the opportunity to meet hundreds of people from all over the world. I learned so much just working with different cultures, getting to see photos of their children and families, their pets, their travels and learn more about science from experts in the field!”
Meggers, Mary Jo Nurse Anesthesia 32 7/6/2022 “The people were remarkable and the environment was very stimulating during my career there were so many medical breakthroughs!”
Kuperman, Samuel Professor Psychiatry 39 7/5/2022 “I have had many positive experiences. I have always enjoyed teaching and have received several awards for doing so. I enjoy dealing with people whether they are students, residents, staff, colleagues or patients.”
Aitchison, Randall Patient Experience Analyst Office of the Patient Experience 27 7/1/2022
Maiden, Karen Clerk IV Patient Financial Services 44 7/1/2022 “I will remember when the University of Iowa Hospitals still had open wards, for inpatients. I started as a nursing assistant and then worked my way up to a Certified cardiovascular technician, I really loved Cardiology in the cardiac catheterization lab. I then Transferred to the integrated call center and that too was a very re-warding position. From there I went into the neurology clinic and worked there for several years, And wow what great staff. And then I was transferred to PFS in the prior authorization department and again good staff.”
LaBore, Jean Staff nurse Emergency Department 16 7/1/2022 “I have worked in a private hospital setting before coming to the University 16 years ago. I love the teaching hospital model as we are all part of the team and everyone’s opinions are respected and constructively altered if need be. I have worked Critical Care and Emergency most of the 54 years I’ve been doing this. Have also sprinkled in Ortho for five years-Love those Ortho docs, Surgical floor, and also an OB-GYN clinic. I have to say Critically ill patients are probably my favorite as they make you look at the patient as a whole and not just a system. I have always loved what I do so therefore did it for a long time. It’s been great working with team mates who definitely work as a team and open to learning. The University and Suresh were especially helpful during the stressful time of the Pandemic with open communication. Thank you to all I have come in contact with over the years for teaching me!!”
Kuperman, Samuel Professor Psychiatry  39 7/1/2022 “I have had held many positions within the overall Department of Psychiatry, the Division of Child Psychiatry, the Carver College of Medicine and UIHC. I have met wonderful colleagues/friends both within this institution and across the nation as part of my research efforts. I am especially proud of the many residents I have I recruited and taught and the compassionate care our division provides to our patients. I am honored and humiliated by the many grateful messages from my patients and their families and their desire that I not retire. I believe we make a difference and help our patients to do better.”
Bartruff, Lisa Nurse Practitioner NICU 40 6/21/2022 “It’s been like having a second family. I grew up here from age 19. I’ve been able to watch the NICU grow from a small unit that one father described as being like M*A*S*H to a large world renowned center. I’ve been able to get to know people from many cultures and work with brilliant people every day. It’s been a great run and I’m so thankful.”
Roe, Janet Technical Director Radiology 31 6/10/2022 “So lucky to have worked with so many talented people. The technologists and front line staff in Radiology have been a daily inspiration to me for the way they connect with patients and support each other. It’s really been a privilege to work in here.”
Eisenhauer Wiese, Jean Associate Radiology/Program Director Radiology 20 6/3/2022 “I will always remember the people, my co-workers in Radiology, my students and everyone who crossed my path over the years. I feel lucky to have been able to interact with so many amazing, caring people!”
Loomer, Julie Coding Coordinator Professional Coding Division 43 “There have been many changes over the years but I will always be appreciative of the physicians and staff who have taught me so much. I am proud to have been able to work with them. I have met many people from many walks of life and as I am retiring, I realize what a valuable experience it has been. Thank you University College of Medicine and University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.”
Garringer, Karey Engineering Specialist Bioengineering 40 6/1/2022 “I was lucky to be surrounded by a great group of co-workers (friends) who helped me continue to learn through all the years. The friendships are what I value the most. I also enjoyed working with all my customers in the Hospital and the College of Medicine. Especially the Neurology group (EMU, EEG, Sleep Lab and EMG), they are very supportive and a pleasure to work with.”
Kusner, Mary Kay Chaplain Palliative Care 16 6/1/2022 “Working at UIHC for so long has been an interesting experience. Healthcare is in such dire straights, mostly due to reluctance for change. I hope that, at some point soon, there will be more openness to wholistic care where the whole person is served and where clinical teams go beyond the medical to humbly recognize the many diverse elements that help to instill trust in our patients and families. Part of this is respecting those who have good communication skills and can help bridge understanding. My chaplain colleagues will continue to serve in this capacity and I’m grateful that UIHC acknowledges and supports their essential role in providing the best of care.”



  1. words cannot express the feelings I have had working at uihc on mother baby. I have had so many wonderful patients to care for and my staff just wonderful. they all will stay in my heart always. everyone here from linen to dietary, bio, css, peds cardiology, doctors I have met so many great people and that I will cherish always. my bosses I thank you for this wonderful opportunity to work here. take care everyone and I promise to check in on you.:)

  2. I started my nursing career in 1974 starting with nursing assistance as I was working on my Practical Nursing Degree. After graduating my first job was on the Otolaryngology on 2 Boyd Tower which was the only private rooms at that time. I learned so much and returned in 1998 working as an Occupational Health Nurse in Employee Health and finishing my nursing with Orthopedic Department. I have meet wonderful staff and learned much from my peers and physician. I will truly miss my peers and the patients I have worked with over the 18 1/2 years.

  3. I have enjoyed working with the Ophthalmology department in Oculoplastics for 19 years – my staff physicians, fellows, residents, secretaries, techs, nurses, billers, schedulers, triage support staff, supervisors, front desk support staff, library support staff, administrative staff, and I could go on & on! I especially loved helping the patients feel like this big hospital really cared about them personally! It has been a very fulfilling career for me and I will miss all of you! Thank you for the last 19 years!

  4. A Poem Honoring Ernie’s Retirement
    by Michael Chan
    Food and Nutrition Services
    August 2020

    Ernie Ernie
    What a memory
    Keeping watch for our safety
    Over 30 years as your duty
    Respectful, honest and friendly
    You will be in our sweet memory

  5. I have had an outstanding career here at UIHC spanning just over 42 years. The changes in health care and its delivery have been amazing – computers, PCA pumps, EPIC, etc. Parting is definitely bittersweet. I wish I could personally thank all the wonderful people that I have met here at UIHC – you have made working here an incredible journey. And I wish everyone the very best as they live out their careers. Thank you all for the care and kindness you extend to our patients, families and each other! Stay safe, stay strong, and always remain true to your friends and colleagues.

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