This list is not a comprehensive list of all UI Health Care retirements. People on this list have notified UI Health Care Human Resources of their retirement, and they have given approval to be listed here. In order by retirement date.

Name Job Title Department Years with UI Health Care Retirement Date Something you’ll always remember about working here:
Geyer, Janet Nursing practice leader Nursing: CWS almost 34 2/11/2019 “I have loved working with the best people at the best hospital. I am so proud to have been a part of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and the Stead Family Children’s Hospital all of my professional career.”
Kerr, Jane Research specialist Psychiatry 40 1/16/2019 “I will always remember the great staff I have worked with over the years. The impact all the research participants and their families have had on me has been memorable, many stories. Time has really flown by!”
Gorsh, Linda Clerk IV Nursing Children’s and Women’s Division 45 1/3/2019 “It has been an honor and a pleasure meeting so many patients, families, visitors and staff. The University touches lives on so many levels. I have seen this in the building and opening of the new Children’s Hospital. I have watched the entire Hospital grow and evolve and be a constant work in progress. UIHC has been a huge part of my life and my job has never been the same from one year to the next. It has been a rewarding journey.”
Agne, Teresa Certified medical coder CID 19 1/2 12/31/2018 “I started coding for Internal Medicine staff in July of 1999. I have continued to code for the last 19 1/2 years. I am grateful for all of the wonderful co-workers I have had the pleasure of working with over the years and the friendships I have made. I am excited for retirement, but hope to continue with the friendships I have made over the years and stay in contact with these awesome people! Always a Hawkeye!”
Wagamon, Lu Ann Patient account rep Admissions 31 12/27/2018 “I first started in the U of I laundry department for 1 year, then housekeeping for 1 year and for the last 29 years, I have worked for Registration at the hospital, Registration in the Emergency Room, Admissions at the hospital working planned admits and current admits. I love working with the patients and helping them. I have made lots of friends here.”
Barr, Joan Utilization review nurse Utilization Management 35 11/30/2018 “The people, I have worked with the most incredible staff over the years! Kind, caring, approachable and the best interest of the patient always came first.”
Marchik, Mary Ellen Staff nurse HCCC 28 11/30/2018 “In working at UI Health Care I have made so many friends and have had many long term relationships with my patients. I have been so blessed to work in the oncology setting with the best people from all service areas. I have not only seen but have participated in the progression of multidisciplinary practice in healthcare and appreciate the voice and autonomy it has given to nursing. UIHC has given me the opportunity to grow in knowledge and confidence and has always been supportive. Always a Hawkeye!”
Senio, Gwen Manager Child Life Program, CWS 38 11/16/2018 “I will always remember the countless children and families for whom I’ve had the privilege to provide care along with the amazing staff members that have been on the journey with me!”
Duffel, Trish Specialist librarian Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences 27 7/6/2018 “In the 27 years I have been here, I have worked with many smart, caring, and fun people; some have stayed, some have gone, and some have realized what they were missing and returned. Working with residents has been fantastic, between their expectations of me and rapidly changing technology, I have been challenged to be the best I can be. The faculty and staff, both clinical and research, public and behind-the-scenes are remarkable. They are some of the brightest and most energetic people anywhere and are a delight to work with. Many of my best memories go back to the infancy of the internet. It was exciting to help establish a web presence for our department (one of the first web sites on campus) and to be involved in establishing and maintaining”
Eutsler, Rebecca Clerk III Radiology Engineering 18+ 7/6/2018 “Everyone in Radiology was so very nice and helpful and always worked as a team.”
Akers, Vickie Secretary III Anesthesia 33 7/5/2018 “I will always remember the feeling of being part of a very large family.”
Flaum, Michael Clinical professor Psychiatry 30 6/30/2018 “After 30 years, so many things to remember—it is impossible to think of just one. What struck me about working at UIHC when I first got here as a post doctoral fellow, and stays with me today is the pride that the people who work here at ALL levels take in their work. I suspect that at every academic medical center, there are smart, talented and motivated people in leadership positions – but here, I’m talking about the custodians, clerks, secretaries, lab techs, nursing assistants, etc. who do such a great job; that makes a big difference and I think has a lot to do with what makes this such a nice place to have had the privilege of spending the bulk of my career. Thanks to all.”
Lind, Brad Secretary II Anesthesia 30 6/8/2018 “Too many stories to tell, but in general my memories will be in regard to the growth of UIHC not only in size, but in character and spirit.”
Drees, Deborah Medical laboratory scientist II Pathology 39.5 6/1/2018 “I will always remember my years working in the Pediatric Clinic on 2JCP. I felt like I was a contributing member of their team giving excellent patient care.”
Hageman, Wanda Clerk III Internal Medicine 42 5/1/2018
Anderson, Marilyn Supervisor Central Sterilzing/ASC 38 1/2/2018 “I have seen a lot of changes at the hospital since 1979. My last ten years of my career has been in ASC/Central Sterilizing. We have a close working group of staff in the surgery center which I will miss.”


  1. words cannot express the feelings I have had working at uihc on mother baby. I have had so many wonderful patients to care for and my staff just wonderful. they all will stay in my heart always. everyone here from linen to dietary, bio, css, peds cardiology, doctors I have met so many great people and that I will cherish always. my bosses I thank you for this wonderful opportunity to work here. take care everyone and I promise to check in on you.:)

  2. I started my nursing career in 1974 starting with nursing assistance as I was working on my Practical Nursing Degree. After graduating my first job was on the Otolaryngology on 2 Boyd Tower which was the only private rooms at that time. I learned so much and returned in 1998 working as an Occupational Health Nurse in Employee Health and finishing my nursing with Orthopedic Department. I have meet wonderful staff and learned much from my peers and physician. I will truly miss my peers and the patients I have worked with over the 18 1/2 years.

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