This list is not a comprehensive list of all UI Health Care retirements. People on this list have notified UI Health Care Human Resources of their retirement, and they have given approval to be listed here. In order by retirement date.


Job Title


Years with UI Health Care

Retirement Date

What is something you will always remember about working at UI Health Care?

Ford, Jancye Coding Representative Health Information Management 33 12/30/2021 “My job was forever changing through the years to stay on top of rules and regulations and to work among the best!”
Escobedo, Randy Hospital Mortician Pathology-Decedent Care Center 24+ 12/1/2021
Weber, Jane Staff Nurse Clinical Research Unit, ICTS 42 12/1/2021 “What I will remember is the changes in science and treatments over the last 42 years. As a research nurse in the Clinical Research Unit for the past 28 years I have been apart of these changes, many of our research protocols have become standard of care treatments and have truly improved and changed peoples lives.”
Hammen, Denise Senior Imaging Technologist Radiology 45 11/1/2021 “Thank you to the Department of Radiology for 45 years of great memories.”
Wagoner, Jan Office Coordinator Pediatrics 19+ 11/1/2021 “I have worked in the Pediatric Department my entire time at UIHC – I have had the chance to interact with many co-workers, made many friends, was given the chance for advancement, and have always been very comfortable in my work environment.”
Wood, Lori Record Analyst Health Information Management 40 10/7/2021 “I remember when I started working here, I had been a stay at home mom and thought, I’ll try it for a few months. 40 years later I’m still here! I just remember how scared I was when I first started, I was from a small town and the University was so big, the hospital at that time was only general hospital and Carver pavilion was still being built, so in hindsight, it was pretty small compared to what it has grown into. I have met so many people over the years, and that is what I will miss the most.”
Schuller, Patricia Clinical Tech III Ophthalmology 41 10/6/2021 “I will always remember how I was treated with so much kindness and how caring everyone was to me. I was very blessed to have worked with so many wonderful people.”
Harry Russell System Control / Locksmith Engineering Services 31 10/1/2021 “The great people I worked with!!!”
Starbuck, Robin Patient Account Rep Patient Financial Services 27 10/1/2021
Carlson, Teresa Staff Nurse Pediatrics 40 10/1/2021 “My coworkers over the last 40 years were quite a mixture. I learned from them all, still do to this day! I hope I had some impact on them as well. It is amazing how medicine has changed. I remember working in ! West Nursery, I was 22 and a bit overwhelmed. I learned everything one piece at a time and now all my coworkers have to learn all that stuff at once. WOW! It was a rewarding career and now I’m ready for the next chapter. I wish you all luck.”
Rahde, Sally Clerk IV Internal Medicine 36 9/24/2021 “Internal Medicine has been wonderful to work for! I thank my supervisor for being so kind. Four of us with me being the last to retire were together for 30 some years.
So we felt like a family. That is what I will remember,the way we all worked great together.
I loved the job I did and will always miss that and all of the staff I have met through the years.”
Wombacher, Beth Clerk III Radiology 27 9/7/2021 “I actually started in radiology as a student in 1974 and watching the growth of UIHC has been incredible and I am proud to have even had a small part in it. I am also a patient here in a couple of departments and have been very impressed to see the hospital “in action” as it were.”
Mueller, Glenda Sonographer Women’s Health/OBGYN 38 9/7/2021 “It has been a great career, I’ve gotten to work with some amazing people. For that I am thankful! I have done procedures that truly saved babies lives! I am with patient’s at the happiest times and also when they receive life crushing news.”
Weinberg, Sue Revenue Cycle Representative Patient Financial Services 34 9/2/2021 “The people. My co-workers and supervisors have always been great!
Also, the number of times my office and/or desk has moved. I started out in the main hospital, moved desks and rooms several times. Then went to above US Bank, then UCC in Old Capitol Mall, and finally HSSB (which is by far the nicest location!). All while working for PSF.
Thede-Reynolds, Kathy Manufacturing Supervisor Radiology 35+ 9/1/2021 “I have met some great people throughout my career at the university as a technologist, a graduate student, and most recently as a radiochemist. I started in the pathology department in 1979, went to graduate school here, returned to pathology, and then transferred to radiology in the PET Imaging Center. UI Health Care has undergone numerous changes over that time span, but the people are still the same. Many of my coworkers have become close friends over all the years, and we correspond and visit each other throughout the US. It is the people that can make working here a wonderful thing.”
Lane, Teresa Lead IT Support Consultant HCIS 40 9/1/2021

“The things I will remember most and treasure about my 40 plus years of service to UI Health Care are as follows:

-The quality of care and compassion I have witnessed and experienced as an employee and patient.
-The integrity and dedication of co-workers.
-The growth and expansion of electronic systems to support the institution.
-The wonderful relationships I have developed.
All of it is absolutely amazing!

Intelkofer, Jerry Staff nurse Dermatology-IRL 39 9/1/2021 I have loved working with such smart, compassionate staff. In Iowa it is the only place to work.
Shaffer, Kevin Driver Social Services 32 8/6/2021 ”  Driving Hospital Car, the patients I helped and the co-workers in Patient Transportation.”
Erhardt, Janice Nurse Clinician Child Health Specialty Clinics 36 8/2/2021 “Being able to work with great Pediatric specialists throughout the years on improving the lives of the CHSC patients and their families I served. UI Health Care has had and still has amazing staff in Pediatrics!”
Huinker, Mary Administrative Services Coordinator Radiology 35 7/9/21 “The Educators in the BS Radiation Sciences Degree tracks are outstanding. We are family and a team: that says it all. I’ve seen many students graduate over the years and their accomplishments make me very proud. My time working in Urology with Dr. Richard Williams and his faculty and staff was also fulfilling to me; and I met visiting professors from all over the world. I’ve held other positions at the Univ. of Iowa: memorable is working with Mary Jo Small and her staff. I will cherish all the friendships and memories forever.”
Nichols, Kristy Patient Account Representative JOPFS, Transplant 28 7/7/2021 “Work is always work, but knowing you can do something that will benefit our patients, and the quality of care we provide, makes it worth coming in every day. I was lucky to have positions in hospital dentistry, and the hospital business office that made coming to work fun, and created life long friends.”
Hedges-Kane, Kathryn Revenue Cycle Representative Patient Financial Services 47+ 7/6/2021 “The people—patients, families, doctors, nurses, co-workers and bosses. Everyone had a hand in shaping my life. The good, the bad, and the ugly. You don’t stay this long if you hate your job!”
Lamp, Marcy Secretary Internal Medicine 19+ 7/1/2021 “It has been a pleasure and privilege to work for UI Health Care. I feel very lucky to have worked with such great co-workers and I feel very fortunate to have worked at this hospital. After 19 1/2 years, it’s time to move on to the next phase of my life. I am planning on traveling and spending time with my family. Sincerely, Marcy”
Koss, Linda Secretary III Hospital Administration 35 7/2/2021 “I have always been so proud to work at such an incredible world-class hospital and will take that sense of pride will remain when I retire. AND the people who work here from housekeeping to dining staff to doctors and nurses—they are truly among the best! The friendships I have made will last a lifetime.”
Allen, Lisa Clerk IV ASC 31 6/10/21 “Everyone that I have worked for or with are wonderful people. It is those people that I am going to miss the most!”
Everett, Carol Clerk III Internal Medicine 35 5/28/21  “I love what I do & will miss my co-workers! The people are open & friendly , & always willing to help!! I will also miss volunteering with my therapy dog, Looby. Those were some of the most memorable interactions I have ever had!! Overall, my time here has been a pleasure & I will miss it!”
Gronstal, Ann ARNP Neonatology 34 5/17/2021 “I will always remember the opportunities I enjoyed to learn, grow and serve. I treasure the people I have worked with and the meaningfulness my caregiving has brought to my life. My special connectedness to the NICU where my first son was born and passed away has been a self healing way to give back to others in similar circumstances. And of course all of us will have the special memory of serving during this worldwide pandemic and have learned new ways to respect and care for one another. I thank the departments of Nursing, Medicine and Sally Mathis for a rewarding career.”
Reif, Carol Clerk III Internal Medicine 34 5/14/2021 “UI Health Care is an amazing hospital and workplace. I have gained so much knowledge and have been surrounded by the friendliest atmosphere. All the staff are genuinely friendly courteous people who are willing to step up no matter what. Being in Internal Medicine for 33 years, I have learned so many jobs and have trained countless people. I have truly loved my job and have made so many friends and met so many people.
There are 4 members of the office I work in that I have been with for 30 plus years. They have been my work family. I will miss my second home!”
McClellen, Susan Photographer MarCom 34 5/5/2021 “All the brilliant wonderful people I have been blessed to work with. I have enjoyed documenting discoveries and important events at UIHC.”
Schwab, Judy Clerk III Rehabilitation Therapies 35+ 5/5/2021  “I will remember the numerous friends I’ve made along the way.”
Lidell, Rita Creative Media Specialist Marketing and Communications 35 5/4/2021 “I came into the hospital to meet a friend for lunch and had a job offer before I left. In those days we were the Public Information Office. We have changed our name four times, and relocated within the complex seven times. I have worked with five different CEOs of UI Health Care and five deans of the College of Medicine. By far the biggest change was bringing marketing into the fold to promote our excellent health care team. I have met so many wonderful staff members and even more families and patients we profiled. It’s been an honor to promote a place that does so much for so many people throughout the state, the country, and the world.”
Steckly, Helen Secretary III Rehabilitation Therapies 44 5/3/2021 “The opportunity to work with so many caring, gifted and talented people. UI Health Care has continued to grow and change as healthcare changes, and I am proud have been a part of it.”



  1. words cannot express the feelings I have had working at uihc on mother baby. I have had so many wonderful patients to care for and my staff just wonderful. they all will stay in my heart always. everyone here from linen to dietary, bio, css, peds cardiology, doctors I have met so many great people and that I will cherish always. my bosses I thank you for this wonderful opportunity to work here. take care everyone and I promise to check in on you.:)

  2. I started my nursing career in 1974 starting with nursing assistance as I was working on my Practical Nursing Degree. After graduating my first job was on the Otolaryngology on 2 Boyd Tower which was the only private rooms at that time. I learned so much and returned in 1998 working as an Occupational Health Nurse in Employee Health and finishing my nursing with Orthopedic Department. I have meet wonderful staff and learned much from my peers and physician. I will truly miss my peers and the patients I have worked with over the 18 1/2 years.

  3. I have enjoyed working with the Ophthalmology department in Oculoplastics for 19 years – my staff physicians, fellows, residents, secretaries, techs, nurses, billers, schedulers, triage support staff, supervisors, front desk support staff, library support staff, administrative staff, and I could go on & on! I especially loved helping the patients feel like this big hospital really cared about them personally! It has been a very fulfilling career for me and I will miss all of you! Thank you for the last 19 years!

  4. A Poem Honoring Ernie’s Retirement
    by Michael Chan
    Food and Nutrition Services
    August 2020

    Ernie Ernie
    What a memory
    Keeping watch for our safety
    Over 30 years as your duty
    Respectful, honest and friendly
    You will be in our sweet memory

  5. I have had an outstanding career here at UIHC spanning just over 42 years. The changes in health care and its delivery have been amazing – computers, PCA pumps, EPIC, etc. Parting is definitely bittersweet. I wish I could personally thank all the wonderful people that I have met here at UIHC – you have made working here an incredible journey. And I wish everyone the very best as they live out their careers. Thank you all for the care and kindness you extend to our patients, families and each other! Stay safe, stay strong, and always remain true to your friends and colleagues.

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