Have you searched for a policy but cannot find it on The Point? University of Iowa Health Care has moved most of its policies, guidelines, and clinical protocols to PolicyTech. PolicyTech is accessible to all UI Health Care employees while they are 1) using the internet from a secure hospital IP address or 2) operating their browser via Citrix or VPN.  

To search for a document, you must be within PolicyTech’s Anonymous Access feature. To get there, follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to The Point. 
  2. Click “Policies and Procedures” from the Top Links list. 
  3. Click the yellow “PolicyTech” button on the UIHC Policy Resources page. 
  4. This will take you into PolicyTech.  
  5. If you get a login screen, check on how you are accessing your browser and try again.  
  6. If you get a Search bar in the middle of the screen, you’re in! 
  7. If you are likely to return often, you can bookmark uihealthcare.policytech.com/?anonymous=true&siteid=1 

Additional guidance on the UIHC Policy Resources site and how to navigate PolicyTech can be found at healthcare.uiowa.edu/ncec/ned/n0111/ 

If you have any questions about PolicyTech, please contact the Joint Office for Compliance at 319-384-8282.