New medical directors and physician value officer

Medical directors function as clinical team leaders and are responsible for aligning their area with hospital initiatives. Their role is to assure cohesive and patient- and family-centered care is achieved in their area by partnering with nursing and administration to influence and improve quality outcomes. 

Physician value officers function as departmental team leaders and are responsible for monitoring safety event trends and aligning their department with key quality and safety initiatives.  

The below list shows the new medical directors from this past month. 

Department  Provider  Directorship 
Internal Medicine  Michael Klein, MD  IRL Co-Medical Director 
Internal Medicine  Elizabeth Bowen, MD  Med Specialty Clinic Co-Medical Director 
Internal Medicine  Paul Mester, MD  Presurgical Evaluation Clinic Medical Director 
Ophthalmology  Nathaniel Sears, MD  Perimetry (Visual Field) Lab Medical Director 
Obstetrics and Gynecology  Stephanie Radke, MD MPH  OB/GYN Physician Value Officer 

An updated list of all UI Hospitals & Clinics unit-based medical directors can be found on the Unit-Based Clinical Leadership SharePoint site in an Excel document. 

Other helpful lists of faculty and staff involved in UI Hospitals & Clinics quality and safety initiatives can be found on the Quality Improvement Program SharePoint site along the right side.