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Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022

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Make sure respiratory viruses aren’t on the menu for your loved ones this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just days away, bringing with it feasts of food and the gathering of loved ones. In respiratory virus season, keeping a few tips in mind can help keep everyone at the table healthy. 

Meet Kid Captain Dylan McGivern

When Dylan McGivern didn’t meet early developmental milestones, he was referred to UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital, where he was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.


Today's tip

Did you know the Woman’s Resource and Action Center provides confidential, 1:1 assistance and advocacy for anyone with concerns about discrimination, harassment, or violence?

By the numbers

Patient-related care

Total inpatients: 804 today
Total outpatient visits: 4,036 today

C-19 adult inpatients: 17 yesterday, 1,632 to date
C-19 pediatric inpatients: 0 yesterday, 206 to date
% positive symptomatic C-19 test results**: 29% yesterday, 35% to date
Telehealth screenings***: 23 yesterday, 15,685 to date

Employee-specific data

Employees tested positive (self-reported)*: 4 yesterday, 7,189 to date
Employees who have received the first COVID-19 vaccine dose: 0 yesterday, 15,790 to date
Employees who have received both the first and second/final COVID-19 vaccine doses: 0 yesterday, 15,693 to date

Visit COVID-19 by the numbers for more info

Research volunteers invited

  • Adult volunteers are invited to a research study to undergo a finger stick to determine if they are a cystic fibrosis carrier or potential control. Compensation provided.

Find more research studies at

Outside UI Health Care

Eastern Iowa Airport on track for second busiest year

Officials at the Eastern Iowa Airport expect travel for the holiday season to be busy this year. To ease the flying experience, the airport has some tips for travelers, KCRG reports.

More than 100 people rescued from overloaded sailboat before it hit sandbar in Florida Keys, Coast Guard says

Crews responded to the incident after receiving reports of people in the water yesterday morning, NBC News reports.

Endangered status sought for manatees as hundreds starve

Pollution is triggering algae blooms that have killed much of the seagrass on which manatees depend, NBC News reports.

Olivia Pichardo is the first woman to make the roster of Division I baseball team

Olivia Pichardo—a first-year student from Queens, New York—will be the first woman on the roster of a Division I college baseball team in the U.S., NPR reports.

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