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Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2023

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Emergency medicine physician Marina Del Rios poses for a photo in the UI Hospitals & Clinics' Emergency Department.

Del Rios: A ‘boots on the ground’ emergency medicine physician

In this Q&A, Marina Del Rios, MD, MS, shares her passion for connecting with her patients and community beyond the Emergency Department doors. Del Rios is a recipient of one of the 2023 Culturally Responsive Health Care Awards.

How to be a helpful guide in the halls

Helping our patients and visitors find their way is one of the easiest ways to ensure their UI Health Care experience is a positive one. Here are a few tips to remember the next time a patient or visitor asks for guidance.


  • The Joint Commission is here. Remember RACE, PASS, hospital emergency numbers (195, 199, 192), and know the location of your nearest fire extinguisher.
  • Employees should not use the Main Entrance or UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital main entrance locations for drop-off or pick-up as it adds traffic congestion and negatively impacts access for patients.

Today's tip

Did you know the UI offers free health coach services? These coaches offer confidential, non-judgmental, and motivational resources.

By the numbers

Patient-related care

Total inpatients: 813 today
Total outpatient visits: 4,141 today

C-19 adult inpatients: 12 yesterday, 123 to date
C-19 pediatric inpatients: 1 yesterday, 5 to date
% positive symptomatic C-19 test results**: 14% yesterday, 20% to date
Telehealth screenings***: 23 yesterday, 422 to date

Employee-specific data

Employees tested positive (self-reported)*: 9 yesterday, 7,594 to date
Employees who have received the first COVID-19 vaccine dose: 0 yesterday, 15,794 to date
Employees who have received both the first and second/final COVID-19 vaccine doses: 0 yesterday, 15,671 to date

Visit COVID-19 by the numbers for more info

Research volunteers invited

  • Compensation is available for healthy individuals and patients with glaucoma ages 40–79 to participate in a visual field eye study. Questions? Email

Find more research studies at

Outside UI Health Care

Rock band sends listeners on scavenger hunt to Field of Dreams

Rock band Fall Out Boy sent listeners on a scavenger hunt ahead of an upcoming album, and some lucky fans from Iowa knew exactly where to go, KCRG reports.

Skipping exercise in favor of sitting can worsen brain functions, study finds

The study found that skipping out on exercise in favor of less demanding activities—such as sitting or lying down—was linked to a slight decline in memory and thinking abilities, NBC News reports.

Dolphins make a splash in New York City’s Bronx River

New York City officials say seeing dolphins—which have been absent from the Bronx River for five years—proves that decades-long efforts to restore the waterway are working, CNN reports.

Ancient fresco among 60 treasures returned to Italy from US

A fresco depicting Hercules arrived in Italy yesterday along with 59 other ancient pieces illegally trafficked to the United States, the Associated Press reports.

Iowa women’s basketball hands Ohio State first loss of the season

The Hawkeyes took down previously undefeated and second-ranked Ohio State 83–72, The Daily Iowan reports.

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