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Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019

We are caring for 772 inpatients and have 4,182 outpatient visits today.

Broadcasts: Need to know

Donor Celebration event tomorrow: How to watch

UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital plans to recognize the fundraising efforts of Carson King and the tens of thousands of people who donated to his campaign during a media event at 4:30 p.m. tomorrow. There will be a short program with a special thank you from hospital leaders and patients. Find out how you can watch the livestream.

Keeping you in The Loop

Supporting new moms with telehealth

Telehealth allows new mothers with postpartum depression to get care from their homes with the Women’s Wellness and Counseling Service.

AirCare continues to serve Waterloo and Dubuque area with new bases and crew

AirCare, our emergency air care service, has established new helicopter bases at the Waterloo and Dubuque airports and hired the existing flight nurses and medics for those crews.

Parent blog: Elizabeth and Tyler VanCamp

After two stays at our hospital and follow-up visits at our Bettendorf location, Elizabeth and Tyler VanCamp finally had an answer for why their daughter Leda was so sick: she had severe allergic colitis. “Had the severity of it gone undiscovered for much longer, my daughter may not have survived.”

Events: Join us

See more UI Health Care events on The Loop.


  • Did you know the Carver College of Medicine produces a literary journal exploring the confluence of art and medicine? The spring issue of The Examined Life Journal is now available for purchase online.
  • During home football games, beginning one hour before kickoff until 30 minutes after the game ends, Level 12 of UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital is reserved solely for eligible pediatric patients, their parents, and siblings.
  • Radiology images can now be viewed on Epic Haiku and Canto for iOS devices (Apple). To view radiology images, use the PACS Images—Vue Motion link in the Results report. The link will launch Vue Motion as it does in Hyperspace. Images will be available from internal wireless, external wireless, and cellular networks.

Research volunteers invited

Find more research studies at

  • Parents and their infants under 6 months are invited to a research study at the UI Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. Compensation. Contact Sleep Development Lab: 319-400-8540 or

Outside UI Health Care stories

Iowa researchers prepare rural roads for the future

Most roads in the U.S. are in rural areas, and the UI’s National Advanced Driving Simulator is working to make them safer and prepare them for a future with driverless vehicles, the UI reports.

Cedar Rapids issued more than 26,000 traffic tickets after its speed cameras were reactivated

Cedar Rapids issued more than 26,000 citations in the first month of operating its traffic cameras since 2017, potentially generating more than $1.4 million in revenue, Little Village Magazine reports.

Students can soon retake section of the ACT

For students who have taken the ACT college entrance exam but still want to boost their score, they’ll now be able to retake just a section, instead of the entire thing, KCRG reports.

Heavy fighting as Turkey pushes into north Syria

Heavy fighting is reported in northern Syria on the second day of a Turkish offensive into Kurdish-held areas, the BBC reports.

Changing your diet can help tamp down depression, boost mood

There’s fresh evidence that eating a healthy diet—one that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables and limits highly processed foods—can help reduce symptoms of depression, NPR reports.

Iowa’s rushing game is looking to improve against Penn State

The Hawkeyes’ running game production will stem from the offensive line this weekend, The Daily Iowan reports.

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