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Thursday, Nov. 21, 2019

We are caring for 805 inpatients and have 4,421 outpatient visits today.

Broadcasts: Need to know

Epic upgrade: Sharing notes with patients

With the new version of Epic coming Dec. 7, a few updates will occur in how we share notes with patients:

  • “Note shared with patient” notation at the bottom of all notes will accurately reflect the shared to MyChart status.
  • Clinicians should not unselect Share with Patient “just because.” Patients have a right to their records.
  • System respects current logic, for example: Progress notes are not automatically shared, but discharge summaries and clinic notes are shared.

Possible traffic interruptions tonight

The UI men’s basketball team is hosting a game tonight at 6 p.m. in Carver Hawkeye Arena. Traffic around the arena may be heavy, and CAMBUS service may be delayed. Questions? Email or call 319-335-1475.

Keeping you in The Loop

Excited to be part of the team

How one woman’s care as a patient inspired her own UI Health Care career as an X-ray technologist.

With rising demands, UI Hospitals & Clinics assesses growth strategy*

Suresh Gunasekaran, CEO, UI Hospitals & Clinics, sat down with The Gazette‘s editorial board earlier this week to discuss our vision for growth.

*Subscription service, limited access

Microaggressions: preparing to experience, witness, and commit them

The Short Coat Podcast crew discusses how to prepare for the inevitability of witnessing, experiencing, and committing microaggressions.

Events: Join us

See more UI Health Care events on The Loop.


  • The employee and volunteer flu vaccination campaign ends tomorrow. You must log in to ReadySet and complete the flu survey to record your participation in the campaign.
  • Free patient parking and more affordable multi-day passes for our patients’ visitors are the two major parking changes coming to UI Hospitals & Clinics beginning Tuesday, Dec. 3.
  • As a part of the General Hospital masonry repair project, teams will be photographing the exterior of the General Hospital and Boyd Tower buildings and courtyards from Nov. 22 to 25. Photographs will be taken using a combination of drones and handheld cameras and be taken from roof areas and streets/sidewalks to scan each building face.
  • BeardUp this November to raise awareness for the UI Department of Urology Men’s Health Program. Join the BeardUp Facebook event, grow your facial hair, and post your best photos in November with the hashtag #BeardUpIowa.

Research volunteers invited

Find more research studies at

  • Parents and their infants under 6 months are invited to a research study at the UI Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. Compensation. Contact Sleep Development Lab: 319-400-8540 or

Outside UI Health Care

3MT winner highlights contributions women made to medicine in ancient Roman times

Three Minute Thesis, an annual Graduate College program, teaches students how to explain their research to regular folks, Iowa Now reports.

City of Iowa City deer management program begins Dec. 1

Outlying wooded areas of UI property will be included in Iowa City’s Deer Population Management Project, Iowa Now reports.

Amazon announces plans to open delivery station in Des Moines suburb

Amazon has confirmed its plans to open a delivery station in the Des Moines suburb of Grimes, KCRG reports.

Women in Iowa protesting state’s tampon tax

Women in Iowa are fighting the state’s tampon tax online, KCRG reports. Iowa is one of 33 states that put an additional tax on feminine hygiene products.

Flu is getting an early start in the US this season

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the U.S. is seeing more flu than is typical for this time of year, CNN reports.

SpaceX Starship prototype blows its top

SpaceX’s Starship rocket prototype experienced a major failure during pressurization testing yesterday, BBC News reports.

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