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Thursday, Jan. 5, 2023

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A clearer picture with weight-bearing 3D analysis

The weight-bearing CT helps providers anticipate when patients have a higher risk for collapse. They can also plan conservative and surgical treatment—with the aim of halting joint degeneration and improving clinical outcomes—with much more accuracy than in the past.

The link between real patient-centered care and clinician well-being

In this episode of CME’s podcast Rounding@IOWA, host Gerard Clancy, MD, and guest, Michael Flaum, MD, discuss the surprising connection between patient-centered care and improved clinician well-being.


  • UI Health Care is seeking applications for a pilot grant program that supports research addressing health disparities within our community and patient populations. Applications are due by Friday, Jan. 27.
  • Additional pediatric primary care appointment slots are available and appointments can now be scheduled online at any time to give your family more access to pediatric care.

Tip of the day

The Program of Hospital Epidemiology created a webpage for employees to access all resources and information regarding infection prevention.

In the spotlight

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, only about 20% of American adults have received their updated bivalent COVID-19 booster.

But studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that the bivalent booster restores a significant amount of protection against severe illness from the virus that causes COVID-19.

By the numbers

Patient-related care

Total inpatients: 812 today
Total outpatient visits: 3,974 today

C-19 adult inpatients: 16 yesterday, 55 to date
C-19 pediatric inpatients: 0 yesterday, 1 to date
% positive symptomatic C-19 test results**: 25% yesterday, 21% to date
Telehealth screenings***: 24 yesterday, 84 to date

Employee-specific data

Employees tested positive (self-reported)*: 6 yesterday, 7,525 to date
Employees who have received the first COVID-19 vaccine dose: 0 yesterday, 15,794 to date
Employees who have received both the first and second/final COVID-19 vaccine doses: 0 yesterday, 15,670 to date

Visit COVID-19 by the numbers for more info

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Outside UI Health Care

Iowa officials teaming up with nonprofit for human trafficking

Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate plans to team up with Cedar Rapids nonprofit Chains Interrupted to raise awareness of human trafficking in the state, Iowa’s News Now reports.

A new test for autism hopes to help doctors diagnose before symptoms show

Researchers have developed a first-of-its-kind test for autism that can find markers of risk in a single strand of hair, though experts caution additional research is needed, NBC News reports.

Londoner solves 20,000-year Ice Age drawings mystery

A London furniture conservator has been credited with a crucial discovery that has helped understand why Ice Age hunter-gatherers drew cave paintings, BBC News reports.

Kirkwood announces 2023 Athletic Hall of Fame class

This year’s class consists of three highly decorated inductees, including two former Kirkwood student athletes and one prominent head coach, Iowa’s News Now reports.

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