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Friday, July 31, 2020

Today’s tip

Use Skype when calling a patient so the recipient sees a UI Health Care number.

Today's COVID-19 Updates

New: Hallway adjacent to Bread Garden RCP to partially close starting Aug. 3

New: Eastbound closure to Melrose Ave beginning Aug. 3, morning detour

Reminder: Locations for staff drop-off and pick-up

COVID-19 by the numbers

C-19 adult inpatients: 21 yesterday, 333 to date
C-19 pediatric inpatients: 2 yesterday, 17 to date
% positive C-19 tests: 19% yesterday, 13% to date
Employees tested positive (self-reported): 5 yesterday, 273 to date
Telehealth screenings: 312 yesterday, 29,016 to date

Keeping you in The Loop

Video from Suresh: Our work makes a difference

CEO Suresh Gunasekaran talks about how we’re all working hard right now, and how it shows in the thousands of activities we do each day.

New type of ACL surgery helps Sage earn a spot on one of the nation’s top college wrestling teams

After suffering a major knee injury that threatened his wrestling future, Sage Walker sought the help of Robert Westermann, MD, and the UI Sports Medicine Clinic, who helped him return to the sport he loves.

COVID-19 announcements and reminders

  • Do you know a colleague who leads the way with safety? Someone who always wears their face covering, who helps others follow our safety guidelines? Someone who goes the (social) distance? Send them a safety shout-out to recognize them for their commitment to safety.
  • Users of N95 respirators must not wear lipstick or other makeup when wearing an N95 respirator as it will contaminate the inside of the respirator, rendering it unable to be decontaminated. View more details on N95 respirators.

Social shout out

“So proud to be part of the UIHC family”

–@uihealthcare Facebook comment #UIHCStrong

We Stand Together

Show your Hawkeye pride while keeping people safe, like Azeem Ahmed, MD, MBA, physician in the Department of Emergency Medicine. #MaskUpIA

Other news and updates

  • The UI DeGowin Blood Center is in need of platelet donors. Donors should be at least 17 years old (16 with parental consent), weigh 110 pounds, in general good health, and have not taken aspirin products in the last 48 hours. Contact the UI DeGowin Blood Center at 356-2058 or visit to schedule an appointment.
  • liveWELL is offering the CDC’s nationally recognized program proven to prevent or delay Type 2 diabetesJoin this year-long program to become more active and improve your health. New groups start August 2020.
  • Remember to maintain patient privacy in all environments—including on personal social media accounts—by refraining from posts that include identifiable patient information. Be mindful of posts that may be harmful to your reputation or the reputation of the university. View more details in the University of Iowa policy on Social Media Usage.
  • The Hardin Library building may be closed, but staff, services, and resources are available virtually. Hardin staff are happy to answer your questions by email or chat, or to meet with you via Zoom.

Outside UI Health Care

University of Iowa says failure to follow face-covering mandate could lead to one-day suspension from class

As Iowa City continues to enforce its face-covering mandate, UI officials are preparing to make sure students comply with a similar mandate on campus in the fall, The Daily Iowan reports.

New regulations give bars and restaurants 3 strikes for social distancing

Bars and restaurants now have three chances to make sure they are social distancing customers and following good hygiene practices, KCRG reports.

What 6 of the 7 Countries with the most COVID-19 cases have in common

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage around the world, some of the largest outbreaks are in countries that fall into one particular economic category, NPR reports.

Researcher pinpoints location of Van Gogh’s last painting

Thanks, in part, to the coronavirus pandemic, the exact location where Dutch master Vincent van Gogh painted his last work has been pinpointed after being hidden in plain view for years, AP news reports.

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