What does it mean to be fully vaccinated? We break it down

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As more Iowans and individuals across the country become vaccinated against COVID-19, and with three authorized vaccines in use so far, you might wonder or receive questions about what it means to be fully vaccinated.

To help answer these questions, as well as which activities you may begin doing once fully vaccinated (and which to avoid), we break it down in the series of graphics below.

Please note: You are still expected to follow all personal protective equipment guidelines while at work. There are no changes to our safety guidelines for vaccinated individuals at this time. Please view current guidelines here.

When are you fully vaccinated?

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What changes once fully vaccinated?

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Vaccinated or not (yet), safety measures remain crucial

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  1. As more and more patients are becoming fully vaccinated, why are we still having to do asymptomatic Covid testing prior to procedures on these patients?

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