Volunteer Week spotlight on Arman Hlas

In honor of National Volunteer Week this week, we’re spotlighting a few of our volunteers whose ongoing dedication improves the experience of thousands of our patients, families, visitors, and staff.

Arman Hlas, an undergraduate student, a mentor, and a College Student Leader Board member, has contributed over 500 hours at UI Hospitals & Clinics, mostly in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU). He was very eager to start volunteering at UI Hospitals & Clinics because he wanted exposure in a medical field but wanted to make it meaningful and personal, and UI Hospitals & Clinics was the perfect fit.

One of his most memorable experiences was when he was working with a new volunteer as a mentor. He introduced the volunteer to a patient who was staying on the unit for an extended period of time. The patient and new volunteer discovered they grew up in the same small town in Iowa and ended up conversing for over an hour. Not only was the patient extremely grateful for the interaction, but the volunteer expressed how confident and excited she was to begin volunteering on her own.

If you’re hesitant about volunteering here, Hlas would encourage you to become a volunteer and, “The simple act of talking with patients and putting a smile on their face will become the highlight of your week!” Hlas is constantly reminded of the kind of impact volunteers have on others here through service, and it continues to inspire him to provide a wonderful experience for not just the patients but for volunteers as well.