Guest Services, Safety and Security staff receive Making a Difference CEO Award for stepping in

A group of staff members from Guest Services and Safety and Security stepped in to try to help a passenger who arrived at the Main Entrance unresponsive. On Friday, May 25, the Making a Difference program recognized the actions of Evan Stearns, Kent Andersen, Randy Randall, Mike Dagenais, Tyler Nance, and Paul Sanders.

The nomination reads:

Left to right: Ken Kates, CEO; Evan Stearns, Guest Services, valet; Kent Andersen, Safety and Security, officer; Randy Randall, Guest Services, greeter; Mike Dagenais, Safety and Security, officer; Tyler Nance, Guest Services, valet; Paul Sanders, Guest Services, supervisor

“The split second decisions and actions of Guest Services’ valet team gave a patient in distress another chance. One morning in May, a van rapidly pulled up to the hospital’s Main Entrance asking for directions to the Emergency Room as their passenger was unresponsive. Greeter Randy Randall quickly assessed the passenger wasn’t breathing and called in the code. He knew there wasn’t time to redirect them. Guest Services’ student valet staff member Tyler Nance, trained in CPR, jumped in the van to check the gentleman’s pulse and airway. He yelled at supervisor Paul Sanders nearby to get the AED from the main lobby. Safety and Security officers Kent Andersen and Mike Dagenais responded to the front entrance. Tyler and Officer Dagenais immediately began CPR, and Officer Andersen administered the defibrillator while Paul and another student valet, Evan Stearns, removed the van’s back seat to better position the patient until the Rapid Response team took over. After recovering a pulse in the ED, he was later admitted to the CVICU. The heroic actions exhibited by Randy Randall, Paul Sanders, Tyler Nance, and Evan Stearns with Guest Services, and Officers Mike Dagenais and Kent Andersen were extraordinary and the epitome of teamwork.”

The Making a Difference CEO award recognizes and celebrates individuals and teams who have gone outside their scope of responsibilities to make a difference for others. Recognizing others is fast and easy using the Making a Difference nomination form.


  1. It makes my heart happy to read these wonderful accomplishments of UIHC employees. Thanks for sharing this story!

  2. These gentlemen are heroes and change agents. I’m proud of each one. It is very moving to have access to these important stories, and I thank you for them.

  3. Thanks to the Loop for telling us this wonderful and inspiring story. And many thanks to the staff for their quick thinking and their fine kindness towards a patient in great need..

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