UI Health Care to withdraw from UI Health Alliance, dissolve ACO

University of Iowa Health Care leaders have notified the leaders of the three health systems that, together with the UI Health Care, comprise the University of Iowa Health Alliance (Mercycare Service Corporation, Genesis Health System, and Great River Health Systems) of its decision to withdraw from the alliance and dissolve the UI Health Alliance Accountable Care Organization (ACO).

The UI Health Alliance was established in 2012, and the UI Health Alliance ACO was formed in 2015, to allow the four entities to contract together to provide coordinated care to patients.

The UI Health Alliance has enabled collaborations and trust that have been valuable to each of its members. However, given a rapidly changing health care environment, reductions in federal and state reimbursements, uncertain financial headwinds, and looming cuts in state appropriations to the UI, continuing to participate in the alliance and its ACO would become increasingly difficult. Withdrawing from the alliance and dissolving its ACO will allow UI Health Care to continue to fulfill its missions of patient care, medical education and training, and research responsibly and sustainably.

This decision will not affect the quality or availability of patient care services at any of the four entities. UI Health Care will continue to collaborate with the other health systems in ways that improve the delivery of high-quality, affordable care.