Three powerful patient messages sent to Carson King

There’s been a lot of attention on University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital since Carson King announced that he’s raising more than one million dollars for the hospital with the help from thousands of contributors, including corporate donors.

Over the last few days, families of patients have started to tell King on social media what this donation means to them. Here’s a look at three powerful patient messages.

What do you think of the Cy-Hawk College Gameday joke turned into a fundraiser for UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital? Tell us in the comments section below.


  1. Best joke, EVER! Thanks Carson King, Busch, Venmo and all of the corporate and personal donations! As an employee, you have no idea what this will do #forthekids !

  2. Renews my faith in humanity….we need more Carsons in this world. Parents should strive to raise their kids to do good, selfless things like this young man has (so what if it started as a joke for beer $). I love how much press this is getting too…best way to remind people that doing something good is easier than you might think. Good on ya’ @CarsonKing! And good on you too, @Venmo & @BuschBeer for stepping up.

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