The University of Iowa seeks damages for children’s hospital windows

The University of Iowa is pursuing legal action against two contractors for defective windows in the UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital window system following extensive good faith efforts to resolve the issues with the responsible parties.

“The construction of the children’s hospital was an investment in Iowa and we relied on and paid contractors to deliver a high-quality product,” says Kimberly Hunter, interim chief executive officer and chief nursing executive at UI Hospitals & Clinics. “Unfortunately, the contractors have not accepted responsibility for replacing the defective windows, so we are forced to file a lawsuit.”

Once it was known that the windows were not meeting industry standards, immediate actions took place to mitigate any potential safety risks, including the installation of protective film and clips to secure the windows. With these proactive safety measures in place, there is no risk posed to patients, employees, visitors, or the public. No one has been injured, and the windows will continue to be monitored and secured. Long term, the windows need to be replaced.

UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital, which opened in 2017 to serve more Iowa children and their families, remains committed to maintaining a safe care environment while also being good stewards of the funds spent on the project.

“Regardless of these unexpected challenges, UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital is still accomplishing what it does best—providing advanced care for Iowa’s youngest patients and their families,” says Hunter.

Since construction was completed in 2017, UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital has served hundreds of thousands of Iowans, many of whom would not be able to receive the same level of specialized, coordinated care anywhere else in the state.

“It is thanks to our dedicated and compassionate team that we are able to make amazing moments happen every day for children and their families at UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital,” says Hunter. “Our intent is to continue delivering this high-quality care for our youngest Iowans for decades to come.”