‘The compassion that Jennie showed … will remain in my heart forever’

Congratulations to Jennie Carver-Westra, RN, of 4JPP, Medical-Surgical Division, Hematology/Oncology, for receiving last month’s DAISY Award.

She was nominated by a family member who said:

“My husband was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive cancer in 2018. The next summer, we ended up at UIHC with complications of his cancer. After 24 hours without sleep, 2 ERs, and an ambulance ride in the middle of the night, we started the morning with nurse Jennie. Jennie was outstanding. She was so nice and compassionate. Every time Jennie came into the room, she made sure to keep the room quiet and dark, so we could both get the rest we needed. Jennie made sure to keep his door closed to give us a little privacy.

“One evening, we met with his oncologist and the news we received was not good. His doctor decided that due to the progression and size of the tumor, the plan was to stop treatment and start hospice at home. This news was devastating to us.

“Jennie came in as the doctors were finishing up. Jennie gave us a shoulder to cry on, words of wisdom, encouragement, and explained to us that we are not giving up but transitioning to receive a different kind of care. Jennie was there to support us as she explained to the family what was going to happen, helped us occupy our young family members with activities while they were visiting and not only cared for my husband, but also made sure I was taken care of, too!

“When he was discharged that week, Jennie was there to answer every comment, question, and concern we had. Jennie gave us the reassurance we needed to move forward and transition home. My husband has gained his wings, but the compassion that Jennie showed toward him and me will remain in my heart forever! Thank you so much Jennie for making this transition a little bit easier!”

Find the DAISY Award nomination form on the Recognize Someone page.


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