Revenue cycle project will improve patient experience, financial performance

University of Iowa Health Care has launched a major project that involves hundreds of staff and faculty members working together with our partner, Deloitte Consulting, to transform the revenue cycle to better serve our patients and meet our system-wide business goals.

What is the revenue cycle?

The Revenue Cycle Enhancement Project (RCEP) is looking at every aspect of the revenue cycle, which touches the lives of each and every one of our patients and involves many, many staff and faculty members. The revenue cycle essentially begins when a patient schedules an appointment and concludes with billing and collections. But along the way, there are many other interactions that are part of the cycle and that involve everyone from frontline staff members to physicians and other clinical providers, to staff in Patient Financial Services.

The project

The project kicked off last week and will last approximately nine months to plan, design, and implement improvements being developed by teams to prevent and recover insurance denials, improve our accounts receivable workflows and results, and enhance our clinical revenue cycle.

In addition to systems improvements, the teams will look at all the ways our revenue cycle directly engages with patients throughout their continuity of care starting with compassionate customer service, scheduling appointments, navigating patients through the complicated pre-service requirements of their insurance companies, providing transparent patient billing estimates, collecting payments, and billing patients in an appropriate and timely way.

Team leads

The overall project is being co-led by Mark Henrichs, chief financial officer, UI Hospitals & Clinics, and Douglas Van Daele, MD, executive director, UI Physicians, and vice dean for Clinical Affairs, Carver College of Medicine. The clinical area lead is Marta VanBeek, MD, medical chief of staff, and the functional area leads are Phil Roudabush, assistant vice president of financial services, and John Stark, interim chief operating officer of UI Physicians.

More information is available on the RCEP site on The Point.

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  1. Billing is a very large problem. We just got 1st billing from an admit 3 years ago per a MD. Billing wanted full payment up front of > $3000. On an other billing we got a billing by the time we got home at a total of 4 days. Again they wanted full payment up front. Billing clerk was not pleasant to deal with.

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