Project Thankful: Trish Zander-Hubing thanks Ivann Galvan and Trisha Bartz

When a portable CT service was needed for the PICU, radiology technologists Ivann Galvan and Trisha Bartz stepped up and ensured a smooth implementation of the new service. Trish Zander-Hubing, assistant director, radiology, wanted to say “thank you” to the pair for their work.

Trisha Bartz (left) and Ivann Galvan

“I would like to thank Ivann Galvan and Trisha Bartz for the lead role they played in implementing a portable CT service for the PICU. This portable CT is a new technology used to image critically ill patients in the PICU so they don’t have to transport the patient to radiology. They set up a weekly mock scan with the technologist and coordinating with the UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital nursing staff, have kept their fellow technologists up to date on issues and fixes for glitches with the scanner, created instructions for operating the equipment, and have done a great job communicating with leadership with suggestions on how to implement this service.”

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  1. I did not even know we had this capability! Thanks Trisha and Ivann for making sure it is ready and runs smoothly when needed!

  2. We echo the same gratitude to Ivann, Trisha and Trish on the implementation of this service! This has been a great addition to providing patient safety to our critically ill pediatric population!

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