Project Thankful: Sydney Sedivec thanks Shelly Searles

A recent situation at UI Health Care–Iowa River Landing prompted Sydney Sedivec, medical assistant, to take time to thank Shelly Searles, paramedic, for her can-do attitude.

Shelly Searles, left, and Sydney Sedivec.

“Shelly Searles is currently our part time paramedic in Internal Medicine. Shelly always arrives to work with a smile on her face. She always make it a point to greet everyone she meets with a can-do attitude. Shelly is an excellent teacher and always makes sure that the staff she is helping feels comfortable with the task at hand. If you are ever having an off day, she is there to help pick you up.

Recently we had a situation with an upset patient in clinic that Shelly encountered. She was able to help comfort the patient and allowed the patient to get the help and answers that they was looking for. I am thankful that I get the ability to work with Shelly, and I appreciate her helpful can-do attitude!”

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