Project Thankful: Nicole Paulsen thanks Donna Maurer and Joanna Eaton

Nicole Paulsen, RDN, LD, assistant director of Patient Services, recently recognized Donna Maurer and Joanna Eaton for their hard work and making a positive difference.

From left to right: Nicole Paulsen, Donna Maurer, Joanna Eaton

“I am recognizing Joanna and Donna because they truly make a positive difference to the hospital down in the uniform shop. I appreciate their flexibility in helping me get new hires in for uniform fittings and how speedy they complete orders when I am trying to get new staff members started in my area in a short period of time. Their hard work benefits many, including our patients, by having our staff members properly uniformed and ready to hit the ground running at any moments notice.

Donna and Joanna—Thank you for all that you do for me! I enjoy getting to work with you both on a weekly [sometimes daily :)] basis!”

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  1. I agree! These ladies are well deserving of thanks and praise! They are the best and really start our new hires off on a good note. Thanks for all you do for us!

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