Project Thankful: Darla Carter thanks Kate Scheer

A new service offering can mean lots of planning and coordination, but for Darla Carter, MSN, RN, CNML, nursing manager, having Kate Scheer on the team made all the difference.

Darla Carter, left, and Kate Scheer

I would like to recognize Kate Scheer, admin services coordinator, for all her assistance in starting a new pediatric dermatology service in the Pediatric Specialty Clinic. Kate was instrumental from day one recognizing what all our supply, medication, and equipment needs would be for starting this new dermatology service in a new pediatric environment. Kate consistently attended all meetings and was available to answer or troubleshoot any questions we had. She was able to attend our first week of clinic to ensure a smooth start. I appreciate Kate’s expertise during this exciting time for us in the Pediatric Specialty Clinic. Thanks Kate!

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