Project Thankful: Amy Beckmann thanks Haylee Latta

We wanted to see how our employees are recognizing and thanking their coworkers for the incredible work they do every day. From the simplest task to the most complex of project, we know that our team is constantly helping each other out as we change medicine and lives.

This week, we spotlight Amy Beckmann, BSN, RN, CNN, assistant nurse manager, and Haylee Latta, BAN, RN, staff nurse, of UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital Level 2.

Amy Beckmann, BSN, RN, CNN, assistant nurse manager, left, and Haylee Latta, BAN, RN, staff nurse

Amy recently had the opportunity to say “thanks” for the work Haylee put in for the good of the patient, and the team.

Read Amy’s nomination below:

“Haylee stepped up to learn all she could about a newly approved gene therapy while attending meetings with leadership on the unit. She coordinated with the pharmacy operations manager, specialty pharmacist, LIPs, managers, IV experts, and others to help prepare for this patient to come to the unit. Haylee asked many excellent questions to ensure patient safety and typed up all the recommendations to share with her coworkers.

“On the day of the infusion, Haylee was well prepared to offer this newborn and his parents the best possible experience in our infusion unit. As the patient arrived she worked with a few IV experts to ensure placement of two IVs before releasing the medication. She communicated with pharmacy and safely administered this expensive gene therapy while making sure the parents had all the information they needed to feel informed.

“From my perspective, this family had an excellent experience with their appointment. What they may not know is all of the hard work that people like Haylee do behind the scenes to ensure that each patient has world class care. I am grateful for Haylee and the impact she has on her coworkers and patients like this newborn and his family. They leave celebrating a successful infusion of a life-altering therapy for their child, and we celebrate along with them. Thank you Haylee!”

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  1. Our kids are so blessed to have Haylee, Amy, and the whole Children’s level 2 infusion team. They are just wonderful to work with and provide amazing care for our most complex of patients!

  2. Congrats Haylee, you and the other gals on L-2 Infusion Unit do so much for these kiddos every month, every time they come see you!

  3. Congrats, Haylee!! You have such a beautiful heart. I’m sure the family of your patient was so grateful. ♡

  4. Thank you, Haylee, for your clinical leadership and the excellent care you provide to our pediatric patients and their families! Jody Kurtt

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