Project Art presents a new exhibit by John McGlinn

Project Art announces a new temporary exhibit titled Iowa City Paintings at UI Hospitals & Clinics by Iowa-based artist John McGlinn.

In this selection of recent works, McGlinn composes recognizable scenery while playing with abstraction, with a combination of textured surfaces and breaking up layered spaces he calls “space-stacking.” His surfaces remind the viewers of printmaking techniques, where paint (or ink) is rubbed on to the surface of plate—ingrained from his earlier formal training in printmaking.

“Experience has proven to me that I must tie my abstraction efforts to depictions of space so as to avoid the non-objective and decorative… A supporting duality exists between structure and intuition. That yin-yang (for example, the clouds and the gates or the gates and trees) guides the location and amounts that each play within the paintings,” says McGlinn.

The exhibit is on display through Monday, May 11, in Gallery II (Elevator F, Level 8), at UI Hospitals & Clinics.

Project Art curates and installs 16 temporary exhibitions annually, primarily focusing on local and regional artists. For more information, visit

John McGlinn

John McGlinn, “Fence,” April 2, 2019, acrylic on paper