Project Art presents a new exhibit by artist Rosemary Craig

Project Art announces a new temporary exhibit at UI Hospitals & Clinics by artist Rosemary Craig titled Found in the Translation.

In this body of work, Craig lets her acrylic medium speak for themselves and  creates movement onto the canvas surfaces with acrylic. The result is a luscious surface full of shapes and textures reminiscent of splashes of waves, or patterns found in nature such as rocks, Lichen, and bubbles in water among other things.

“The partnership I feel with the natural world extends into the work itself. I consider the work a kind of translation. With each piece I try to express some part of a lesson I’ve learned or realized from the natural world around me. The lessons are there for all of us, every day. We just need to take notice,” says Craig.

The exhibit is on view through Monday, Feb. 3, 2020, in Gallery II (Elevator F, Level 8).

Project Art curates and installs 16 temporary exhibitions annually, primarily focusing on local and regional artists. For more information, visit

Rosemary Craig, Meditative, acrylic on canvas