Project Art presents a new ceramic exhibit by Adrienne Drapkin

Project Art announces a new temporary exhibit at UI Hospitals & Clinics by artist Adrienne Drapkin. This exhibit is a showcase of  her recent luscious porcelain portrait “drawing” series. Both as wall pieces and as vessels, Drapkin creates layers of textures by pressing found objects into her clay, making a rich ground for her drawings.

“I work in clay because I love the feel of it. Handling the material, coaxing it into various forms is very satisfying. The clay I use is smooth and supple, delicate but strong. Clay can be worked into the smallest and most delicate objects but like metal, can be made into truly monumental sculptures,” says Drapkin, about her choice of materials.

The exhibit is on view through Monday, July 29, located in Gallery I (Elevator F, Level 8).

Project Art curates and installs 16 temporary exhibitions annually, primarily focusing on local and regional artists. For more information, visit

Adrienne Drapkin, Amar, Porcelain on wood panel, 2018


  1. This exhibit is definitely worth seeing. So full of texture, light and mystery. I love the multimedia approach, glitter beads, plant imprints and female faces…

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