Manektala wins Helping Hands Award for his care and compassion

Congratulations to Yashasvi Manektala, a nursing assistant on 6JC Neuroscience Unit, who received the Helping Hands award. He was nominated by a patient’s family member who was grateful for his compassionate care.

The patient’s family member wrote:

“Yash has been a blessing during our hospital stay. He has checked in regularly and proactively offers assistance. His bedside skills are spot on—he manages to cover all needs in an organized, efficient manner. Not only are his ‘hard’ skills excellent, he addresses my sister as a person. He makes eye contact, recalls previous conversations, and even admires pictures of grandchildren.

“I work as an RN at Mayo Clinic Rochester, and have stayed with my parents in the hospital there many times. I’ve never witnessed a nursing assistant perform at Yash’s level. I know he’s on his way to more professional goals, and his baseline skills will only enhance his career. I hope Yash’s leadership recognizes how valueable he is. He has very positively impacted our lives and we will be forever grateful!”

To learn more about the Helping Hands award, visit the Recognize Someone page on The Loop.