Li receives July 2017 DAISY Award

Cailing Li, MSN, RN

Congratulations to July 2017 DAISY Award winner Cailing Li, MSN, RN. Li, a staff nurse in 6JCP, was nominated by a fellow nurse who wrote:

“Tonight Cailing had a palliative patient who was deteriorating throughout the shift. Unfortunately, this patient’s family was unable to make it to the hospital to see their loved one. Cailing went above and beyond her duty as a nurse; she sat next to her patient’s bed practically all night, only leaving to provide care for her other two patients. She talked to the patient, held the patient’s hand, and cried for the patient. Cailing mentioned that they connected over the last few weekends and that she did not want to leave the patient’s side.

“This demonstration of humanity and compassion was one of the strongest I have seen as a nurse and was truly inspiring! I know it is usually the ‘little things’ that go overlooked as ‘part of the job,’ but what Cailing did for this patient was amazing!”


Find the DAISY Award nomination form on the Recognize Someone page.