Jeni Beckman of 4JPW wins Helping Hands award

Congratulations to Jeni Beckman, a nursing assistant on 4JPW, who received the Helping Hands award. She was nominated by the nurse manager and assistant nurse managers from 4JPW.

They wrote:

Jeni Beckman (in red) reacts to the Helping Hands banner hung in her honor.

“Today, I personally witnessed another excellence patient encounter between Jeni and one of her patients. The patient is on bedrest and needs to be frequently checked on as he is not always able to communicate his needs. As soon as Jeni walked into the room, the patient brightened up. The sister of this patient asked if she could step out for a couple minutes, as she seemed to have a long night as well. Knowing this, Jeni replied, ‘Of course, go get yourself a coffee and take your time. We will get him all taken care of.’ Jeni then leaned down to the patient’s eye level and asked how he was doing.

“I could tell Jeni had established a therapeutic relationship with this patient throughout the week by how comfortable he was opening up with her. She was motivating this patient by allowing him to participate in his care by asking him if it was okay to help assist him getting cleaned up and his teeth brushed. Jeni’s communication was outstanding.

“I am blown away by Jeni and her extraordinary work with patients and with the 4JPW team. This is just one of many exemplary encounters Jeni has had with her patients. She truly takes pride in her work and caring for patients to make sure their needs are not only being met, but also establishes a more personal connection to make them feel at ease while in the hospital. She not only completes her tasks expected of her, but she does them with eagerness, compassion, and respect to ensure patients maintain their dignity.”

She was also recognized in another letter from a 4JPW staff member who appreciated her hard work and willingness to help in any situation. In addition, Jeni has volunteered to serve as a Compassionate, Connected Care (C3) coach on the unit, as 4JPW is one of the patient experience pioneer units.

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