In the archives: Historical photos of (what’s now known as) University of Iowa Health Care

Click through our gallery for a random assortment of historical photos. We have very few details about them—if you know any background, leave us a comment!

Historical Photos


  1. Love when old picture of the hospital are shared, and the stories that go along with them. Very interesting to read and look at.

  2. My mother in law was adopted from the UIHC Orphanage. This looks very much like it could possibly be the orphan girls.

  3. I love seeing all the historical pictures of our great institution! Please keep sharing great stories and pictures with us–it is important!

  4. Oh I was hoping to see some pictures of my parents. But these photos are older than when they were at the UIHC! These pictures are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing

  5. Central Sterilization, my grandmother worked there back when UIHC was known as the State Hospital she died at age 101.

  6. State Hospital cars would go out around the state of Iowa and pick up patients and bring them to the hospitals for their appointments.

  7. I believe the individual standing outside the vehicle is Gerhardt Hartman (sp?). He was the Superintendent (the title is now Director and CEO) of UI Hospitals and Clinics, circa 1950’s and 60’s.

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