In case you missed it: April’s top stories

From a pediatric oncologist to the Show of Support team to ChloraPrep applicators, here’s a look at the top performing stories from April.

Photo becomes a precious memory forever preserved

Last fall, Bill Bride was under the weather and thought he had a sinus infection. Instead, he tested positive for COVID-19 and was admitted to UI Hospitals & Clinics. Several days later, his wife Joanne also tested positive for COVID-19 and joined her husband in the hospital. 




David Dickens: Riding the wave to Iowa

“When you pour your heart and your soul into your work, where you’re trying to save a child’s life who has cancer, it means the world to have families partner with you,” says David Dickens, MD.




Interventional radiology: ‘Caring for patients is a team effort’

Susan Jeffrey-Wheeler, RN, says growing up around older folks and caring for them inspired her health care career. She’s enjoyed her two decades in interventional radiology with UI Health Care.




Comfort and compassion in the MICU

Brittany Kloft, RN, staff nurse in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU), knows her work requires a team approach. As she recalls a critically ill patient with COVID-19 for whom she cared, Kloft was especially grateful for the support of her team.




First point of contact: How the PAC is handling off-the-charts call volume

The Patient Access Center (PAC) mainly functions as the first stop for patients wanting to schedule a primary care appointment or specialty visit. Over the last two months, they’ve also helped answer questions and schedule COVID-19 patient vaccinations.




Mike Brownlee: On leading UI Health Care and the state in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Flexing arms, big smiles, and happy tears are what you’ll likely see from those who have received a COVID-19 vaccination in one of UI Health Care’s vaccine clinics.





An inside look at the Show of Support team

Diffusing potentially turbulent situations inside the hospital is one of the most delicate challenges some UI Health Care employees face. One way that challenge is made easier is by using the Show of Support team.





ChloraPrep applicators: How to bridge the stock shortfall

The Food and Drug Administration advises health care professionals not to use ChloraPrep 3 ml applicators manufactured by BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) due to the packaging. While the product is expected to be back on the market in May, here’s what to do in the meantime. 




Morgan Atwood: ‘I remember every single patient’

It’s the saddest day for one family; the happiest day for another. “I want the families of dying patients to know just how much we appreciate their gift of organ donation,” says Morgan Atwood, RN, a staff nurse in the Surgical and Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit.





A look at the safety measures from the past year, and when we might be able to return to ‘normal’

As more and more Iowans receive COVID-19 vaccinations, you might think that we could automatically begin standing down the extra precautions put into place for the pandemic. However, we need to maintain safety precautions in case there is a resurgence.