‘I’m a meme girl’: How one employee engagement committee makes a difference

Emily Dose works as a certified medical coder in the Professional Coding Division, but she also has an additional responsibility she takes very seriously.

When it comes to boosting employee engagement within her unit, Emily Dose prefers memes. “Personally, I’m a meme girl, so I always try to include a meme or two in our messages,” says Dose, who serves on her unit’s employee engagement committee.

Dose and two of her co-workers make up their unit’s employee engagement committee, tasked with boosting employee morale whenever and wherever possible.

“Myself, Dawn Coffman, and Jessica Bixby are the only three people on the committee,” says Dose. “We do a lot of different things, but we always try to send a cheery email on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, just something small to help our staff start the day with a smile.”

Providing positivity

In addition to the weekly messages, Dose and her fellow committee members send out a monthly newsletter to their division with information and guidance on coding—with a bit of fun mixed in.

“One year we did a ‘snackness’ tournament with a bunch of different kinds of snacks,” says Dose. “I think popcorn ended up winning, but we had a lot of fun with that.”

Dose uses memes like this one in many of the committee’s communications as a way to put a smile on employees’ faces.

Dose says they also create collages of back-to-school photos of their colleagues’ children and even built a cookbook composed of different recipes for their colleagues’ enjoyment.

“Personally, I’m a meme girl, so I always try to include a meme or two in our messages,” says Dose. “But Dawn really likes inspirational messages, so she usually focuses on those, and we really just try to include funny, uplifting stuff.”

A little goes a long way

Besides having fun putting their newsletter and weekly messages together, Dose says the motivation to continue comes from the reaction of her colleagues.

“We definitely get a lot of praise for what we’re doing,” she says. “It can be easy for people to feel disconnected in today’s world. Our work as a committee is a fun way to let them know that we’re here, we’re thinking of them, and we want them to have a good day.”

Making a small difference in someone else’s life is reward enough for Dose and her fellow committee members.

“This is so important to us because times have been tough,” she says. “If we can give our co-workers a little pick me up, just provide a bit of happy to their day, that’s all we’re hoping for.”


  1. From one meme girl to another, this is awesome! A lovely way to brighten someone’s day!

  2. Strong work ladies, what a great way to set the tone for a shift even on the craziest of days!

  3. I appreciate the emails Em, and all of the awesome work you do! Thank you, Dawn and Jess for everything!

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