Hawks regularly perch near Iowa’s busiest helipad

Since right before Christmas, Respiratory Care’s Clinical Manager Lu Wilford has had some special visitors: two red-tailed hawks regularly perch outside her window. “They’re usually here when it’s sunny,” she says. “They keep the pigeons away.”

Wilford has confirmed with the Iowa Raptor Project that the birds are indeed red-tailed hawks. And she’s confirmed that the birds aren’t bothered by the attention of her colleagues. The hawks remain unruffled by observers and photographers, and even their proximity to Iowa’s busiest helipad.



  1. They were testing out the planter in the corner of the 7th floor atrium patio. They still swing by regularly but I think they found a better spot for their nest.

  2. When the hawks visit the atrium, the entire room becomes still and everyone becomes absorbed. It’s amazing how much these birds entrance and delight. I hope that UIHC shows them hospitality and respect.

  3. Go Hawks! Great picture with the Hawkeye AirCare behind them. Yes, we love watching them from 6th floor GH. So odd to see them in the midst of all these buildings, but we’re assuming the pigeons are providing some tasty meals?! Maybe nesting in woody area to East of hospital complex??

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